Every Company follow a well specified and a standard flow chart while developing web application.Here we have brought Rapidsoft’s  app development areas and strategies.

Product Development

  • IOEMS (Institute Online Examination Management App)
  • CRMS (Customer Relationship Management App)
  • TMS (Transport Management App)
  • SMS (Security Management App)
  • BMS (Builder Management App)
  • RMS (Restaurant Management App)
  • Accounting Management App

Market Prospect

  • Rapidsoft Technologies focus while making apps on your market both Domestic and International to bring your customers directly to your online.
  • We provide Full Search Engine Optimized sites, Portal Marketing, Internet Marketing.

Rapidsoft Technologies a professional Web Development Company .We are specialized in providing best-in-class Mobile &  Web Design and Development package, which covers Web Designing, Web Development, e-Commerce Solutions, Software), Web Hosting Services, Domain Registration, Professional content writing and Shopping cart Builders.We provide web development services in U.S.A. for for companies and individuals who are interested in outsourcing their web design and website development needs to India.



Billing Apps for Physical Therapist and Medical


As we see on Medical stores and Hospitals that they can easily access Medicine name which prescribed by doctor and Rapidsoft Technologies develops web based Physical Therapy & Medical Management Apps for electronic billing & payments. Access your clinical data from any internet enabled computer anywhere. We provide complete PT billing apps for paperless health care record. 100% developed and support in the USA.

Apps Services

  • Automatically generate electronic bills
  • Receive payment electronically
  • Auto post electronic EOB’s
  • Full billing turnaround including electronic bank deposits within 24 hours!
  • Reduce receivables and make your job easier.
  • Effortlessly send secondary & tertiary electronic bills
  • Direct ANSI Electronic Billing (5010) and EOB reader.

Easily Manage Patient Information

Apps have detailed patient questionnaire will meticulously organize your patient information. A windows will automatically pop-up when a patient account exceeds the allowable number of visits!

  • Tickler Alarms
  • Financial data Quickly displayed
  • Personal history
  • Account classification dual insurance information
  • Account responsibility
  • Attorney information
  • Employer information
  • Diagnosis information

Medical apps development is trending business. Rapidsoft Technologies  provides Healthcare Application Development  for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. We work closely with our clients to build them amazing commercial and enterprise mobile applications.

Web Design and Development in U.S

Web Designing

Designing a site in today’s and coming years  will see a big change in  2016 and upcoming years. It will be a very competitive year according to the web development company in India. If we see today everything is being digitized. The team of experts follow a result oriented approach to design the websites.

Web Designing Services Provides

  • Business Website Design
  • Custom Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Flash Web Design
  • CMS Skins

Why Rapidsoft Technologies?

  • Years Of Experience
  • Dynamic Approach
  • Affordable Services
  • Direct Interaction With Clients
  • Result Oriented Approach
  • Diverse Clients

You can find Rapidsoft Technologies provides definitive website design services to the clients in New York , U.S.A.

Free Apps for Schools


We are living in  new era and that’s technology era. We have today few best apps by Google which are helping to schools in connecting with students and their parents easily.

Students use Docs to:

  • Collaborate with peers in real time
  • keep track of deadlines
  • share with parents through their emails

Teachers use Docs to:

  • plan lessons together
  • follow up on ideas that arise in instructional meetings
  • give students just in time feedback

Rapidsoft Technology supports  startup companies which are looking for free tech support and want to Develop Creative Mobile Apps. We are USA’s leading Mobile Apps Design & Development Company. Call us today for Custom Mobile App Development within your budget. Connect with us for Mobile & web app development.


Grow Your Magento Store with Facebook Page

Magento -facebook

There is a huge opportunity for Magento development services and the small and medium sized entrepreneurs to benefit from selling on Facebook. Your sale can really boost with this tremendous tool of social connection. Facebook is not only a mere social networking site which connects you to your social group of people but also helps you expand and sell better. It connects you to all the Facebook users across the globe, promoting your brand and creating a market for it. Here we are sharing some top valuable tips to get business via Facebook.

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  • Distinguish your Facebook page from your competitors. Your page should speak about your brand and help you stand out. With the incredible features of Facebook, you can add images and logos.
  • This will help your customers to identify your brand easily.
  • Let your Facebook  profile talk to people. Tell everything about your products and company to people. This creates a better understanding, in turn increasing your sales and loyalty.

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  • Post your new collection of products and images, videos and let your customers know you better.
  • Import all your social networking profiles like Twitter, You tube, Pinterest and integrate them with your Facebook page.
  • This makes your Facebook profile more appealing. This is an easy task and takes no time.

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