Cost Estimation of Fleet Management App Development

What is Fleet Management? This is a very wide topic which cannot be explained in one line but it has huge explanation with this topic. This fleet management is the management of the vehicle of any kind that enable by this software to track and provide minute basis information through this program. The cost estimation which cannot be in one go but it has lot of factor that decided the cost.

The cost of developing a fleet management Mobile app is around $10,000 to $15,000 and apps which have extensive features as above can cost up to $18,000 to $25,000.

The following that has been managed by the application for the vehicles as follows:

  • Vehicle inventory – the number and type of vehicles
  • Vehicle maintenance – specific routine maintenance and scheduled maintenance, and adhoc requirements
  • Licensing, registration, MOT and tax
  • Vehicle insurance including due dates and restrictions
  • Cost management and analysis
  • Vehicle disposal
  • Driver license management, including special provisions
  • Logging of penalty points and infringements against a licence
  • Booking system for pool vehicles

SEE Our Work :


We are developing Fleet Management App for Watsoo Experess. This is an all-inclusive line-haul logistics and supply chain organization which is serving from big enterprises to small-medium business, with a large fleet of delivery trucks. With app, Watsoo aims to simply all its logistics operations for its fleet of drivers and customers.


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