Mobile App Solution For Medical Store

Its time to go your medical store online. We at Rapidsoft Technologies offer Ready made online medical app delivery solution for your medical store. Its very affordable and easy to use.
Here are the features which we provide in the medical delivery app:

Features of M-pharma App:-

1. Deliver Safe and have special packaging to some medicines.
2. There is a restriction on some medicines which can be only available to the user according to the doctor prescription.
3. Online payment method or COD is available.
4. You can upload or capture your prescription easily.
5. Option to view your previous order and has a facility to re-order them.
6. Check the delivery status of your current order.
7. In subscription option, you can select the days and get the same previous order at that day.
8. See different types of notifications like a discount on categories, Prescription uploaded and also get notify before the expiry of your subscription plan.
9. You can directly contact the vendor for any query.

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Healthcare application development – apps make patients’ life easier

Healthcare application development is an emerging trend in healthcare industry. This post discusses how apps are helping patients, doctors, hospitals and other professionals in healthcare industry.


Almost every industry is discovering the advantages of being on mobile platform. Healthcare is one of these industries which, with healthcare application development, has put a lot of its services just a few taps away. The quickest way to reach a doctor has been to call him or her and ask for an appointment / advices. But now, we have a more refined and simplified version of the same process. An app can do it quite effortlessly.

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Billing Apps for Physical Therapist and Medical


As we see on Medical stores and Hospitals that they can easily access Medicine name which prescribed by doctor and Rapidsoft Technologies develops web based Physical Therapy & Medical Management Apps for electronic billing & payments. Access your clinical data from any internet enabled computer anywhere. We provide complete PT billing apps for paperless health care record. 100% developed and support in the USA.

Apps Services

  • Automatically generate electronic bills
  • Receive payment electronically
  • Auto post electronic EOB’s
  • Full billing turnaround including electronic bank deposits within 24 hours!
  • Reduce receivables and make your job easier.
  • Effortlessly send secondary & tertiary electronic bills
  • Direct ANSI Electronic Billing (5010) and EOB reader.

Easily Manage Patient Information

Apps have detailed patient questionnaire will meticulously organize your patient information. A windows will automatically pop-up when a patient account exceeds the allowable number of visits!

  • Tickler Alarms
  • Financial data Quickly displayed
  • Personal history
  • Account classification dual insurance information
  • Account responsibility
  • Attorney information
  • Employer information
  • Diagnosis information

Medical apps development is trending business. Rapidsoft Technologies  provides Healthcare Application Development  for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. We work closely with our clients to build them amazing commercial and enterprise mobile applications.