Do you want to know the cost of Medical App for Finding Doctors like Practo?

Getting the appointment of doctor is daunting task where one has to wait for some period to able find the appointment of good doctor. Technology came into the picture where it has made many thing efficient and easy to use. There use to be lot of hassle in the process of getting appointment of doctors but that hassle has been erased by new kind of app called Practo.


Practo is the application of this genre where one is enable to book the appointment on the basis of the star provided for the doctors. Practo has many useful features in searching for the desirable doctor for the patient. This application has some amazing features as follows:


• The best way to book doctor appointments
• Consult online with a doctor
• Order medicines online
• Set medicine reminders
• Book Lab Tests Online
• Keep your medical records handy
• Learn new ways to be healthier
• Search through thousands of free answers on health

Creating the replica of this application will cost the individual a lot more than normal because this is one of the particular applications. The starting point of creating such kind of application is $15000 and cost will vary depending on the addition of other features. Get More Information Here: Health app


Cost Estimation of Fleet Management App Development

What is Fleet Management? This is a very wide topic which cannot be explained in one line but it has huge explanation with this topic. This fleet management is the management of the vehicle of any kind that enable by this software to track and provide minute basis information through this program. The cost estimation which cannot be in one go but it has lot of factor that decided the cost.

The cost of developing a fleet management Mobile app is around $10,000 to $15,000 and apps which have extensive features as above can cost up to $18,000 to $25,000.

The following that has been managed by the application for the vehicles as follows:

  • Vehicle inventory – the number and type of vehicles
  • Vehicle maintenance – specific routine maintenance and scheduled maintenance, and adhoc requirements
  • Licensing, registration, MOT and tax
  • Vehicle insurance including due dates and restrictions
  • Cost management and analysis
  • Vehicle disposal
  • Driver license management, including special provisions
  • Logging of penalty points and infringements against a licence
  • Booking system for pool vehicles

SEE Our Work :


We are developing Fleet Management App for Watsoo Experess. This is an all-inclusive line-haul logistics and supply chain organization which is serving from big enterprises to small-medium business, with a large fleet of delivery trucks. With app, Watsoo aims to simply all its logistics operations for its fleet of drivers and customers.

Price Comparison App Development Cost and Features

How much the app development will cost? 


This is million dollar question for the person who is trying figure out the way in order to make the application for business or personal purpose. This question remain unfold till the last stage of development of the application.

This question is just like puzzle which will be solve by consuming as much time as it could. The cost of building the comparison application will be starting from the $40000 and so on depending on the feature list.

The basic feature list as follows:

• Sign-up/login
• Social media
• Account verification
• Browse products
• View product listing
• Get product details
• Save products
• Select desired products
• Order history

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Fleet Management System


There is a story where people can able to control the transportation on their finger tips. Wait is over as this new Fleet Management System enable the company to manage their vehicle and maintain them at the full extent. The feature of this new system as follows:

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Mechanical Diagnostics
  • Driver Behavior
  • Fleet Management software
  • Management of ships
  • Fleet security and control
  • Fleet replacement and Lifecycle management


For more information related to our Fleet Management System and solutions, please feel free to contact one of our executives at +1 516 515 9871 or drop your enquiry on We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions

How Blockchain will work for your business

There has been fraud of Punjab National Bank with the deficit of more than 11000 crore rupees by a diamond businessman Modi.


If BlockChain has been utilized in this criteria than this fraud would have stopped with miles away. BlockChain is a technology which is a digital Ledger used by any organization to record any financial transaction from any part of the world. It evaluates the values of the transactions.

Not a one person is control of this system but a group of people are in charge of this piece of system. The age of this technology that has been introduced in this world at this point period is exactly where internet was 20 year. There will be lot of exploration in this piece of technology.

There is lot investment happening in making this technology to the masses across the globe by IBM and Microsoft.  According to the sources that it will be worth $ 24 billion by 2024 year. Read More about BlockChain Technology

ERP Software for Logistic Company

Logistic company is emerged to be one of the leading company for delivering the goods or products across the globe. This industry has emerged to be one of the most profitable industry of today genera. Huge investment has been indulged into this industry in order to expand the business and make more efficient in order to run the business effectively. There is a introduction of new software called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ).. Elinext is the founder of this software where huge investment, man power, resource and investment has been spent to come up with this kind of software which can enable the logistics industry to solve the critical problems.

logistic erp software

Benefits of ERP software for logistic company:

  • Management and tracking of delivery
  • Efficient Planning for delivery
  • Tracking the procedure of delivery
  • Handling the huge database
  • Integration of those software in various communication channels to work efficiently

Responsive Web Development Tools


Here is a list of the best of the tools for responsive web development:

1. Responsive Design, Responsively Illustrated:
2. Bootstrap
3. Google Mobile-Friendly Test
4. Justinmind
5. Adaptive Images
6. FitText
7. Ghostlab
8. Am I Responsive?
9. Responsinator
10. Google Chrome DevTools Device Mode

Read More about That: