Effects of Mobile Wallet in India during Demonetization

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Xamarin – Cross-Platform App Development Framework

Xamarin is a popular cross-platform mobile app development framework. It is based on the concept of Write once, Run anywhere (WORA). For now Xamarin is a preferred framework for iOS, Android and Windows app development. Visit us for know more about Xamarin

Mobile Wallet App development: Top Features Every Mobile Wallet App Must Have


India faced the great revolution of digital wallet across the whole country with the influence of demonetization. Demonetization has shown the true color in perspective of utilization of digital wallet in this adverse situation. People adapted this system very well and got influenced by the digital wallet. The business growth for the digital wallet companies has grown exponentially. There are many benefits of using this system as follows:

  • Convenience in dealing
  • No hassle of change
  • E-ticketing become easier
  • Transaction detail is stored
  • Instant notification of offer and discounts
  • Directly connected to various Banks
  • Easy to use the application

The applications have many features but the basic feature list of any mobile wallet as follows:

  • Micropayment option
  • Registration/Login/Password
  • Mobile E-commerce list
  • E-ticketing option for movie, bus and others
  • Geo-Location feature integration
  • Loyalty Program
  • Mobile Store
  • Mobile transfer option
  • Personal Information
  • Reward system
  • Notification for offer and coupons
  • Option for the detail of the transactions

These above are the basic feature of any digital wallet. Rapidsoft Technologies is one of the leading mobile application development companies in new york that provides an excellent mobile application development services across the Globe. It provides excellent services in developing any kind of complex mobile wallet for any country.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App like Oyo Rooms?


There much hotel chain across the world but OYO hotel chain made the most of it. Ritesh Agarwal who is the founder and owner of the OYO chain has developed this chain across India in more than 220 cities. How it has become possible to operate all over India? It is the mobile application technology that has made the OYO chain more organized, functional and easy to handle the customers all over the India. This has been unique and fresh idea from the founder and converted in the practical world.  After the success of OYO business model, many people are willing to make the prototype of this model in order to succeed like the founder has made it a great success.

First one has to understand the feature list of the OYO mobile application in order to develop it as follows:

  • Registration, Login & Password
  • GPRS for locating nearby location in the city
  • Room availability search functionality
  • Book the room from the application
  • Price list of various rooms
  • Check in & Check out functionality in the application
  • Bill payment through application
  • Check the various facilities in the OYO hotels
  • Booking change or modification feature
  • Set up of whole OYO network in the application
  • Provide external feature like nearby malls, cinema and others

Creating such kind of application with the above feature will cost you around $10,000 on one platform but the maintenance cost will vary how large and many user visit your application. It is one of the most expensive application has been developed in this country. People have invested huge in order to create this kind of massive application. There is one company who is capable in executing this kind of project till the end of the product which will be effective. Rapidsoft technologies is the company who has handle this kind of project in the past. It is expert in developing the application for various hotels across the Globe.

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Trend of learning digitally for kids through mobile application

Technology has been changing rapidly as people are looking for new innovative stuff at a constant period. People are dependent completely on the technology. Technology has made the life of the people easier to live. Technology has changed many faces of the various sector. The latest technology that has created the revolution is mobile application technology. This technology has done wonder in each and every sector it has been used. The education sector is one of the sectors where this technology has played a crucial role. This world is becoming digitalized so does the educational sector is moving towards digitalization.  There are many learning application has been developed for the student and kids. The study suggests that kid learns faster through the digital channel whether it is TV or mobile application.


There 5 the most prominent kid’s application that have been used widely across the globe as follows:

  • Endless Alphabets: This is a wonderful and effective application for the kids to learn various alphabets through the monster which become a playful experience for the Kids. Kids learn alphabets through this app quickly then learning through books.
  • Rosetta Stone Kids: This is one of the best application to teach the kids multiple languages through the various character in the application. This application teaches English and Spanish.
  • Gazzili Science: This application is based on the basic science subjects. This application teaches the number of science lesson through the use of various characters in the application with playful learning manner.
  • Ubooly: This is an application as function as a minor artificial intelligence for the kids in solving various kinds of maths problems, learning the names, birthday and teaches the kids various kind of educational lesson.
  • Artkive: This is an application for providing the scope of drawing for the kids. Kids learn drawing digitally through this application.


Rapidsoft Technologies is an expert in developing various kind of kid’s mobile application. This company has gained experience through its past experience which will come handy in developing such kind of application.

Why Swift can be a better choice for enterprise app development

This article tries to explore everything making the Swift eligible to be chosen as the best programming technology for enterprise apps. Swift isn’t limited to Apple’s devices only but it can be implemented to Linux too. We would see Google providing support to this programming language.

Apple created Swift but its use isn’t limited only to iPhone application development and other software of the company itself. Apart from begin used for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, the Swift can be applied to Linux platform and even Google is considering to adopt Swift for Android application development.


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