How to improve the SEO of a Magento ecommerce store

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When it comes to choosing a content management system for an online retail store, experienced e-commerce developers, without any doubt, would recommend Magento. Two key reasons to recommend Magento over others are the minimum requirement of the investment and the time for customization. Because Magento is an open source CMS, the major part of the investment goes only in paying the fee developers.

Note: The Magento Commerce (On-Premises), which was previously known as Magento Enterprise Edition, is not a free and recommended only for large businesses.

Although the open-source licensing makes the development easier and affordable, however the development would only be successful if the store receives good response from customers. To launch a Magento e-commerce store and to get good response on it are things pole apart. It’s easy to hire professional Magento e-commerce developers and get implemented your store at lowest possible price, but it’s not easy to get desired traffics; no matter how much you have invested.

Both, the existing Magento store owners and the new ones, always need an ever increasing number of customers to keep surviving. Thank god we have the Search Engine Optimization to do that. The techniques of search engine optimizations can be applied even in a Magento e-commerce store; for increasing customer-traffic and ultimately the revenue. Here are some excellent SEO techniques for Magento based e-commerce store.

How to improve the SEO of a Magento ecommerce store.jpg

Content is still the King, also for an ecommerce website.

The whole web depends on the content. We have text, images, and video as the key formats to provide content to the audience. Every page of a website should include sufficient content so that search engine can give it proper weight and enlist it to search engine results.

Content should properly define a product, from its functions to feature, to size/dimensions, to weight, to everything that customers need to know before they buy a product.

Make sure your page has been given more stressed on text content in comparison to images and videos. It’s why because images and videos are just the dead medium carrying information. Search engines cannot read them. There is nothing such intelligent technology has been invented so far which can discover each and every detail carried by an image or video. So if search engines cannot read an image or video, they cannot put it into the search results.

The details for images and videos are added to them through text content which all search engines can understand and then deliver as per the queries created by the audience.

Pictures and video showing up products should tell about themselves to Search Engine.

As I mentioned above, no search engine can make a difference in the picture of a drum and cup if they look same in the pattern. In fact, search engine cannot even read what a picture is all about. This information to search engine is provided with text and, your responsibility is to provide every image and video with sufficient text details.

The naming of every image should be done with a little care as search engines easily read the name and metadata. It applies on.PDF and .docx files too. An image displaying brown leather jacket named as LJ001B doesn’t make any sense to search engines. But when you name it as leather-jacket-brown, you optimize it to be compatible the way search engines read a web page. You can make image information richer by adding titles, good description and ALT tag when you add it to a web page.

Don’t use duplicate content

Often time, e-commerce websites have hundreds of similar products, but they are different in terms of manufacturing, design, and several properties. What administrators of a website do is that for a single type of product, they use a single piece of the content. Here they do mistake because if products are displayed on different pages, even if they are used for a single purpose, a search engine will consider each of the pages as an individual page and weigh them separately from each other. Now if you have used the same content on more than one page, a search engine can penalize your website because of carrying duplicate content on multiple pages.

Use Extensions to Improve User Experience

The SEO does not end merely by adding good content and right placement of keywords to a page. Making everything on a page look better and understandable to users is also a vital part of an effective SEO strategy.  Fortunately, we have a number of Magento Extensions that can help us add desired user experience to an e-commerce website. These extensions are available as both, free and paid.

Get Your Robots.txt File to Work for You

Search engines want every website to have robot.txt so that they can know how exactly you want them to enlist your website and show in the search results. You can access the Robot.txt in your Magento store in this way

  • Go into ‘System’
  • Click on ‘Configuration’
  • Click on ‘Design’
  • Click into ‘HTML Heads’

Find the ‘Default Robots’ setting and change it to “INDEX, FOLLOW”

This action will allow search engines to index your website.

Fill Out the Meta Fields

The Magento CSM provides you the best of the ways to create Meta titles and descriptions from the back-end. In a non-Magento web page, it’s normally done by opening the source of the page in a text editor and then putting the required metals in the header. Magento provides an easier way to put meta tags just by going into configuration page/design / HTML head. It allows changing the titles and descriptions according to your products. Don’t miss to add the related keywords as well.

Generate a Google Sitemap

Google needs an XML sitemap for how many pages does websites have. Magento lets you do that quite easily just from back-end.  To make a Google XML sitemap, go into configuration, then access Google Sitemap settings and there, change your configuration to enable sitemap generation.


Magento is one of the easiest content management systems available for e-commerce businesses. The free version comes with features and functions which are sufficient for small-medium online retail stores. But whatever the size of a store is, it needs customers to continuously stay in the market. Here SEO comes as the handiest techniques helping Magento based online store owners to increase customer traffic. Apply the tips mentioned in this post and experience positive changes.



Serving better logistics service to the client through mobile application


There is the time when industries were booming across the world where a number of employments were created. That period was precious to anyone for any country when their industrial revolution started. The industrial revolution is an important part where it is defined as a core asset for an economy of any country. Countries lie upon on the revenue generation and own survival on industries. Time flies away from where competition kicked in this industrial world. There is cut throat competition in the industrial sector as many opportunities came in the market to the people in order to explore boundaries in the industrial world. People want to reduce down these human errors which caused during the processing of a task in the industries. People in industries trying to achieve six-sigma but that is not possible by human and manual machine. This six-sigma can be achieved by using the automation system in the industrial sector. There are many industries which is integrating automation system in their industries but the mostly necessity part of any industries is it’s logistic. Logistic is the core part of any industry without this part industry is nothing. There are companies who are dedicatedly the logistic company where everything is dependent on the transportation.

Logistic companies are looking to achieve six-sigma through automation. It early on handled through manually but integrating the mobile application in this industry has changed the working of this industry. The benefits of the mobile application technology to the logistics as follows:

  • Reduces the cost of the industry
  • Reduces the human error
  • Access of various information at the fingertips
  • Remove the system of manual data entry to avoid the errors
  • Always being aware of the freight rate through the application
  • Provide the right policies to the company for freight savings
  • Generate the freight report in no time
  • Track on minutes basis of the freight
  • Maintain the performance of the driver and employees
  • Provide the list of the various vendor in no time

There are many other benefits to this application in perspective of the logistic industry. Rapidsoft Technologies is the company that provides this kind of application to the client. This company has worked in dept in this industry that has worked on the various kind of application in logistic industry as follows:

  • Task management app for managing freight
  • Travel planning app
  • Various Delivery app
  • Tracking of delivery app

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What is the benefits of Payment Gateway Integration


Here are the advantages of integrating a payment gateway:

  • Retailing businesses can offer 24X7 online payment facility customers
  • Increased flexibility and reliability with the payment options
  • Data protection and fraud safeguard mechanisms
  • Added convenience with withdrawal and refund
  • Customization Features
  • Multi-currency payment processing

Want to integrate your favorite payment gateway with your online store? Rapidsoft Technologies makes it easy.

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Benefits of Responsive Web Design

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Having a mobile Optimize Website has become essential after Google released an update that will prefer mobile friendly websites. Here are some reasons that why you should optimize your website for mobile devices also. Mobile friendliness plays a crucial role in SEO of your website.

if your website is not optimised for mobile then you are going to lose sales. Various studies have clearly shown that almost every user will leave your website if it’s not optimised for mobile or takes time to load.

Even Google has rolled out a new update on 21st April 2015 that will be giving preference to websites that are mobile friendly. So, it’s quite clear now that if your website isn’t mobile friendly or responsive then it will surely lose ranks.

People using mobile phones for accessing internet may have different objectives than desktop users. The mobile users are looking for information which is quick and easy to understand. Various research have shown that people are tend to make impulse buys and do more shopping through mobile sites compared to desktop users.

This explains the importance of optimising your website for different types of platforms in order to meet consumers’ demands. By making your website mobile friendly, you can ensure that users can make purchase easily.

Still haven’t optimised your website? Here are a few Website Development Company in India companies whom you should contact for  a mobile optimised website.



Why we need Web Redesign?


If you want to know why we need Web Redesign, you need to know Website redesign is not just a means to change the look and feel of the website. It upgrades the presentation, function, seamlessness and speed of the website. Upgrading navigation and adding important, latest and upgraded features to your site will impress your visitors and contribute in a better business opportunity.

Implement Latest Technologies

Website redesigning requires you to implement latest technologies and tools in orders to make it more responsive and perform better. Tools and technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 are the must haves. If you have a Word Press website, you should have the upgraded versions such as the version 3.8 “Parker”.

Keeping in Step with the Latest Trends

Trends keep changing with every passing day and to increase business, you need to keep with the changing trends. Your website should show the upgrade and that you are keeping in step with the latest trends. Responsive and yet flat design, minimalism and addition of video to the website are some of the latest trends.

Because Google wants you to

You need to keep in mind that your website has to come up on a good rank on the Google SERP. Whether you like it or not, you must have a rich UI/UX because Google wants you to. This will increase your page rank and gradually your business will also increase.

Freshening it Up for your Customers

Customers easily get bored with the same visuals, information and a site that has no surprises. Hence, freshening it up for your customers will be a good idea to impress them and increase your business through a simple website redesigning by a professional team of skilled and experienced website designers.

A Reason to Initiate Communication

If you want to get in touch with your previous customers and convince them to revisit your site, give them a strong reason to do it with a newly launched redesigned website. This will give you a reason to initiate communication with them and revive the possibility for a business again.

With time, your website receives a significant amount of junk in them. For getting rid of junk like the 404 errors and unnecessary junk pages, you must redesign your website from a web development company. With redesigning, you can sync your site with social media sites and also redirect visitors towards the right website page.

Responsive Web Design Benefits

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design or RWD is a web designing technique devised to build sites to avail an unsurpassed website viewing experience with easy reading, navigation facility across an array of devices (from mobile phones to desktop monitors)

Advantages Of Responsive Design For Business Owners

  • It reaches more audience by offering them smooth Multi-Device compatibility.
  • Customers are mostly on mobile, it is easy to stay in touch with them.
  • You only have one website to maintain and only one set of code.
  • Improves your SEO as you only have to change content for one link, the URL structure remains constant.
  • Flawless User Experience.
  • If you are an online seller of tangible gods, there’s more chances that you sell more as your website will be  accessible even from the most remote locations.

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Every Company follow a well specified and a standard flow chart while developing web application.Here we have brought Rapidsoft’s  app development areas and strategies.

Product Development

  • IOEMS (Institute Online Examination Management App)
  • CRMS (Customer Relationship Management App)
  • TMS (Transport Management App)
  • SMS (Security Management App)
  • BMS (Builder Management App)
  • RMS (Restaurant Management App)
  • Accounting Management App

Market Prospect

  • Rapidsoft Technologies focus while making apps on your market both Domestic and International to bring your customers directly to your online.
  • We provide Full Search Engine Optimized sites, Portal Marketing, Internet Marketing.

Rapidsoft Technologies a professional Web Development Company .We are specialized in providing best-in-class Mobile &  Web Design and Development package, which covers Web Designing, Web Development, e-Commerce Solutions, Software), Web Hosting Services, Domain Registration, Professional content writing and Shopping cart Builders.We provide web development services in U.S.A. for for companies and individuals who are interested in outsourcing their web design and website development needs to India.