The Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In India

Indian online food delivery market is steadily getting growth despite low interest of investors and some players who have reduced operations and shut shops according to RedSeer – a research and advisory firm. RedSeer in its report of Feb this year revealed that Indian online food delivery market received.

Here are the top 5 players in Indian online food delivery market.



Just Eat



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How to Get More Food order – Restaurant

Not getting enough ‪food orders by ordinary ways? Get an ‪‎app‬ and enter a fresh world of

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App is one of the best way to increase your business sales. through app your customers can easily order their food without any hassle. they easily connect you on social media and easily do payment with different payment options.You can  adds a lot more flexibility to the food delivery app.

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Ordering Food via App – Enjoy the Stress-Free Dining

Foot business too is taking dip into mobile technology revolution. By using an restaurant app customers can now order food of their choice from a local restaurant and get it delivered on given address in matter of minutes. Process of placing an order, payment and delivery has also become quite easier. All customers need to do is open a food app, do a few taps and order their favorite meals. With internet connection and an online food ordering app, customers can go through a wide ranging list of restaurants / cuisines and order as much food as they wish; they can even order for medium size parties.


Top of the Benefits of Ordering food online

  • An online food ordering mobile app saves you from being embarrassed when you visit restaurant only to find a food of your choice and it’s not available there. App lets you check whether the restaurant is serving what you want and then order it without physically visiting it. Even if restaurant does not have that food readily available, receiving order online gives it enough time to cook it from the beginning.
  • A food app gives out enough time you would otherwise waste in driving down to the restaurants. You may also stick in traffic and waiting at traffic signals may feel killing you. But when ordered via an app, you can stay at home and finish some important works.
  • Online food ordering app also allots you a page which shows the whole process. From confirmation of order to receiving of payment to dispatch to delivery.
  • Orders do not get mixed as restaurants have enough time to handle all orders with care. So you can stay assured that you will get what you have ordered.
  • In most cases order is picked from the closest restaurants so that the food can be delivered at the right time
  • Often time companies engaged in their own food order app have their own delivery staff that means there should no instance of delay happen.
  • In India, COD (Cash on Delivery) is the best way to buy things online even without paying while place an order. You can opt COD while placing order and pay when the order is actually delivered to you. The same is applicable on online food delivery business too.
  • While ordering food online, there are rare chances a customer needs to have verbal communication with restaurants. They use app, choose food and place order via it and pay online and even track the order in the app itself. In spite of no verbal communication take place, the whole process is finished up without any doubt or confusion. It’s the beauty of buying things online and food business exhibits the traits too.
  • Many app have location feature enabled that means if location is switched-on, the app automatically shows the nearest restaurants to you show that the order can be fulfilled in minimum time possible.

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