How much does it cost to build an iPhone app in India

This is a million dollar question how much does it cost to build an iPhone application in India. The answer to this question lies in various companies in India. India has become the destination for the people across the globe to come and build the application at economical rate comparing with the rest of the world.  India is attracting the people across the globe to provide the required and companies will transform the requirement into a prominent product. It has become the favorite destination for the client who has already experienced the service of the companies.


As a rough price guide
A simple iPhone App development is = $ 1,000 to $ 4,000
Database iPhone App would be = $ 8,000 to $ 50,000
Games can cost = $ 10,000 to $ 250,000

The above numbers are highly variable and can range lower or higher depending on lots of factors. Don’t worry, as the market increases in competition, you will see the cost come down.

Creating the application on iPhone in India depend hugely on the companies of India. Each and every company of India in mobile application technology has the criteria for evaluating the requirement. The policies of the companies are different from one another. The cost of the application as compared to the world is very less. The hourly rates of Indian companies are pretty economical as compare to the rest of the world is very economical. Companies of India have a high quality of resource with the superb intelligent developer that creates excellent iPhone application.

Rapidsoft Technologies is one of the leading mobile application development companies that provide premium quality of service to the clients across the globe. It has experience of more than a decade in building excellent iPhone mobile application. Rapidsoft is one of the dependent able company in the market that people can depend on this company at any time.


Steps for Hiring application developer for your business

Are you looking for are the steps to be taken before you hire an application developer for your business?


There is a lot of factor on the basis of choosing the right application developer for developing the particular application for your business. This world relies on a lot of research and market insight which is needed the most in order to develop the application. Developing the application from the right developer is one the toughest part of the job. Deciding which developer will develop the application for the particular company is a very complex procedure. The steps in order to decide which developer will be suitable for developing the particular application as follows:

  • Do lot of market insight for the developing companies
  • Explore the specialization for the companies on the panel
  • Check the experience for the various companies
  • Remain updated with the latest technology
  • Explore the destination of the companies
  • Always look for the company where there is a hub for developing the application.
  • Check the background for the companies
  • Check the availability of the companies in that particular area
  • Compare the companies which will best suitable for developing the application
  • Be competitive in searching the companies
  • Make the list of the final companies
  • Decide the company on the final list
  • Check the experience of the developers the deciding company

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Enterprise tools for Mobile app development

In the modern era of software development, There are lots of mobile app development platform are available which help you to minimize the efforts of development.

There is a number of mobile app development platforms to choose from and they can be significantly different from each other.

Choose the Right platform for building a mobile app. We’ve put together top five mobile app development tools for the enterprise that are popular in the industry.

Rapidsoft Technologies offers AngularJS Application Development services. We have more than 10+ years experience in the software Product development industry and 3+ years experience in AngularJS development, serving 10+ countries and developed 500+ application in AngularJS.

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Real estate apps – the digital way of hunting a house

Searching a right home is a tedious job. It turns more disheartening when you visit a property and discover it to not living up to your expectations. Also, you cannot visit multiple sites when you are bounded with a job or business. You cannot also visit more than 2 or 3 properties in a day. So will you be satisfied with living in a home that you really don’t like? Here, technology saves you. The technology of smartphones and apps make searching a home an extremely convenient task even kids can do.



Real estate industry is keenly interested in putting every property worth selling or renting online through the app. A dedicated real estate application development can truly be helpful for both parties: sellers and buyers. Even agents/brokers are learning the advantages of selling and buying properties through mobile apps. Some big and medium-sized real estate businesses do have own dedicated real estate apps for all their transactions.

There are certain reasons that make buying, selling, renting and leasing of properties through mobile apps an easy thing. Say Mr. Ram is on the hunt for a property that is close to his office. While searching for an ordinary way, he will get contacts of many real estate agents in that particular area and will call them one by one. Maybe he will talk to an agent who doesn’t understand his requirements. Maybe the agent doesn’t have the full details. Maybe the agent asks for too much commission which is out of Ram’s budget. There can be a lot of things that can break his property search campaign.

Now if Mr. Ram uses an app for the same, he will experience how exciting it is to explore properties online. He will have multiple property options at a single location. He will have the option to explore each of the properties in details. He can have a virtual tour of individual properties. He can explore from toilet to balcony through 3D viewing. He can use live maps and calculate the distance between home and office/ schools/hospital, etc. He can contact the property owner through single tap and even record a voice mail. A real estate app can be designed with a host of features that can make searching of home fun or everyone.

An app is helpful for property agents too. They will not need to take every client at the site to give them a demo of different properties. By putting image, video, slides or 3D views of all the properties in his app, agents can cut down huge cost of entertaining individual customers. Apps can have desired flexibility to let clients easily access the available property options. Also with apps, agents have full control over database; they can quickly modify information, details, rates, comparison methods etc. The app can be integrated with local property listing to deliver the clients with comprehensive user-experience.

Real estate apps are making property buying, selling, renting and leasing easier than ever before. Developers of apps are implementing latest features to make the search more accurate so that all respective parties can do their property transactions without any trouble.

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Top AngularJS Frameworks for Application

All these frameworks are very helpful for AngularJS for mobile and Web apps development

I hope all these frameworks help you.

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How to Develop a Planner app Like Wedmegood and How Much it Cost?

India is the country where marriage is the occasion of gathering with full of joy. A wedding is the place where people meet and share their experience with other and have fun. In order to make the occasion grand then wedding planner has to do hard work. Now the technology has come in the picture where people are investing huge. There are many applications related to wedding planner application which lives up to the standard for the wedding planner is Wedmegood. It is the fine application for the wedding planner in India. It helps you to prepare the wedding in a unique way.


The feature list for this wedding planner application is as follows:

•    Enable to browse more than 70000 photos for searching the unique style

•    Provide trend options

•    List of various vendors across the cities

•    Provide the filter option in search option

•    List of contact details of various vendors

•    Options for invitation

•    Option for sharing the images

•    Provide the wedding checklists

•    Option for short listing the vendors

•    Keep tack on vendors

•    Option to store the details

•    Option for emails as inbox is available

•    Excellent search option

This is one of the fine examples for wedding planner application. This is one of the best application that wedding planner got. The application is the most downloaded across the globe. It is a very user-friendly application which can be utilized by anyone.

Do you also want to create an app similar to Wedmegood? Creating an app like this may cost you around $2500 to $5000. Contact us for a complete cost estimation of an app like Wedmegood.

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