Finally, Mobile Live Video Streaming Comes to YouTube

The streaming feature is built directly into the YouTube mobile app, having the same features as regular YouTube videos. The platform protects you from unauthorized use, and the streams can be found through recommendations, playlist or search.


To start streaming, you have to first confirm your channel has been verified. Also your account must not have been restricted for live stream in the past 90 days. You then enable streaming from the Creator Studio tools, go to Live Streaming, write a title, take a picture for the thumbnail, and start streaming.


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The Android app developers now lead the global software market

Android has proved its leadership in terms of the number of devices running on this OS. As of an IDC’s second quarter report, Android is running in 87.7 percent of smartphones globally. Google Play Store has more than 2.4 million apps, according to These numbers suggest that Android, without any doubt, leads the global market place of smartphone.


But does this apply on the app development market too? Yes, it does. As of the latest figures by Evans Data, the total number of app developers has reached over 12 million and the market is driven by none other than Android. We have 5.9 million Android application development professionals in comparison of 2.8 million iOS developers who first target these platforms.

As of Evens Data’s first report for the same cause, there were only two million software developers to target mobile devices in 2006. But things have now completely changed and the latest data recordings from the research firm suggest that there has been a five-fold increase in the number of developers only in a period a decade. And as figures put forward, we have more software engineers for Android application development than other technologies. Read Full Article

3 Major Issues To Be Addressed In Android Application Development

Android is an open-source operating system by Google, the search engine giant. It is today’s one of the largely used mobile platforms. It runs in more than 82% of smartphones all over the world.  It is an app-friendly OS and thus the performance of the devices running the OS entirely depends on apps.


Android-device users can download apps from Google Play Store and add desired functionality to their devices. Rising trend of smartphones also encourages mobile developers to build applications for Android platform.

Now, more and more developers are showing interest in building applications for Android powered smartphones, tablets, laptops and other types of devices. However Android application development is not without any pitfalls.

It’s full of challenges

Android application development market is getting bigger with each passing day. Google Play is the official platform for downloading apps for Android powered devices. Each app performing well on the store is already supposed to encounter following issues:

Issues because of multiple device vendors

Because Android is an open-source mobile operating system, it is available for free to be used by any computing device manufacturer. Openness is the real beauty of the OS but in the mean time, it is also the ugly part of the entire game-play of Google’s mobile OS. With the feature of open-source, Android can be customized the way you want. You can trim some of its features to power a specific device. This kind of openness causes fragmentation and of course, lots of difficulties in Android application development process. It’s really hard for developers to build an app which is supported by the entire OS ecosystem.

Issues caused by the lack of usages policies

Google, the originator of Android platform, sometimes does not appear to be quite serious for the reputation of its platform. It simply allows developers to do whatever they want to implement. The lack of usage policies allows every Peter, Harry and David to design and submit apps in Google Play Store. Often time, these apps are low in quality.

Issues caused by diversity in software and hardware.

There are many types of Android versions powering devices. These have been launched within a quick period of time. This has caused many compatibility issues, such as not all the apps can run on all the Android powered devices.   These issues bother most developers as they can never become assured that a particular application will run on all the Android devices.

Source: Apsense

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Best Free Mobile App Design Tools

Following points will give you the details about that the tools and their role in the app design.



Marvel design tool can be used for both iOS and Android platforms. It is able to turn your simple sketches into interactive. With the help of tappable prototypes, you can share your demo app ideas with others.

Generally, before uploading your design, you need to convert app design. But, in Marvel, you no need to convert your designs before uploading because Marvel compatible with .psd files. Marvel also helps to reduce the testing time for the changes that happens, especially while updating in the background.


By using the Invision tool, all team members can able to know the particular project status with the help of prototyping tool because it has a full commenting system, including notification and status updates. Invision is another tool available for both iOS and Android platforms.

While the ongoing project is facing some issue, you can call your team to make some discussions and to rectify it. With the help of Invision tool, you are able to meet up other team members online and work together because Invision helps to collaborate with the team members. This tool contains full design tools inside the real-time collaboration, which gives true experience of real-time collaborative design.

iOS Sketch Paper

Before going for the Photoshop, some of the designers like to design in a pencil and paper, Such designers can use this free dot grid sketch paper for designing purpose which helps to get any iOS design into a paper. When you want to download, it is ready for print.

iOS Sketch Paper has gridlines for all the default UI elements and also for each device it has measurement markers. This tool is available for iPad air and iPhone 5s as well.

Android Sketch paper

For Android designers also, some android sketch papers are available.

In Android devices different phones having different screen size, but this tool is not like a dot grid, it doesn’t include lines at all. Due to the availability of number of phones per screen, with the help of sketch paper you can make an arrangement of your workflow quickly. It is better to use this sketch paper before performing the intensive workflow organization.


This tool you can use it for both iOS and Android Platforms. If you loved Marvel design app, and also need a working prototype on your Android device, you are suggested to choose PopApp as well.

PopApp can start with photographs of your app sketches drawn by hand by using, and help to link that on your device.

Food delivery App Development & services

Food delivery Services aims at delivering food at the location specified by the customers anytime. Registering at the application, users can choose the restaurant they can order from and get the whole list of the restaurant’s menu to order from.

The app can both be owned and operated by restaurants with several branches or by an entrepreneur with the idea of starting a business for food delivery only. Tired to cook after a hectic day at work or the kind of person who usually likes a snack or a meal at midnight; the app can get you a meal anytime anywhere.

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A delivery service for every business is now the need of the hour and there are quite a number of businesses with delivery services of their own. From laundry services and courier to grocery service and taxis on demand pickup and delivery services have now become common and not just business owners but entrepreneurs have started delivery services for pretty much everything.

The craze for delivery services began with the business model that Uber has set for taxi services. And services have chosen Uber’s model for their delivery businesses where one click at the app in the customers’ hand held devices will get them the desired service at their doorstep or any location.

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