Benefits of Responsive Web Design

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Having a mobile Optimize Website has become essential after Google released an update that will prefer mobile friendly websites. Here are some reasons that why you should optimize your website for mobile devices also. Mobile friendliness plays a crucial role in SEO of your website.

if your website is not optimised for mobile then you are going to lose sales. Various studies have clearly shown that almost every user will leave your website if it’s not optimised for mobile or takes time to load.

Even Google has rolled out a new update on 21st April 2015 that will be giving preference to websites that are mobile friendly. So, it’s quite clear now that if your website isn’t mobile friendly or responsive then it will surely lose ranks.

People using mobile phones for accessing internet may have different objectives than desktop users. The mobile users are looking for information which is quick and easy to understand. Various research have shown that people are tend to make impulse buys and do more shopping through mobile sites compared to desktop users.

This explains the importance of optimising your website for different types of platforms in order to meet consumers’ demands. By making your website mobile friendly, you can ensure that users can make purchase easily.

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Top Revenue Mobile Commerce Applications 2016 – 2020


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Mobile commerce represents the technologies and solutions that delivers electronic commerce features directly across mobile/wireless devices.  Engaging in commerce while mobile/wireless involves new technologies, services, and business models. It is quite different from traditional e-commerce.  Smartphones, wireless tablets, phablets, wearable wireless, and other mobile devices impose very different constraints than desktop computers.  The ecosystem and value chain for mobile commerce is unique and evolving in a different manner than e-commerce as a whole.

Top Revenue Mobile Commerce Applications 2015 – 2020 assesses the most successful mobile commerce apps and provides a vision for the market will be in the next five years. This report provides an in-depth assessment of the mobile commerce market, including top revenue mobile commerce application, market drivers for retailers to enter the e-commerce space, challenges facing retailers and mobile payment vendors and value chain analysis.

Right from the development stage to listing the apps in iOS and Android stores, it takes hardly a fortnight. M-Comm is compatible with all major eCommerce Platforms.

Upgrade Your Real Estate Website


Real Estate

In the real estate sector times have changed in such a way that the prospect renters go looking for properties using the internet rather than approaching the agents directly. That’s the reasons why almost more than half of the real estate agents these days manage their properties and their business using an avant-garde Real Estate website. Maintaining a real estate website does not end with just uploading the property images and adding descriptions hoping that it will attract quality renters. Have your website User friendly  which the real estate brokers can utilize the utmost facilities a website could provide, and upgrading the real estate business.

User  Friendly :

The one way to make sure that the prospect renters are glued to the website is by keeping the flow of the website totally engaging. The prospect renters should be able to navigate through all the features in the website effortlessly, and special features have to be set where they could get instant solutions for all their questions. When the client finds it difficult to get what they need in one website then they are likely to move over to another website.

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Major trends in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the process of promotion product or brands through internet activities to reach and connect with their customers. In the past few years, The Digital Marketing has seen enormous for a new generation to explore opportunities.

Major trends in Digital Marketing :

Content creation tools : Content Marketing has used for sharing of information to users and customers through any media and especially Digital Media.  A small and visual content generates more views and increases engagement, and tools to manage the creation and publication from different sources become essential.

Content Recommendation, Personalization : Content Recommendation, Personalization, Retargeting and content Effectiveness they are most vital part in creating outstanding content for your users or readers and reach your target audience, there’re many tools which provide content recommendation, help you personalize your website and tools to review your customized website.

Content distribution services : Content distribution is another part which, if handled carelessly otherwise it affects your business. Referring to organic and paid sharing via social networks, it could be enhanced by using effective tools.

API service integration and Hubs : APIs (Application Programming Interface) are combination of different platforms. They are of significance in any type of tool you purchase. CRM services are specifically strong at this.

User Engagement and value optimization : Most businesses use a web analytics services to trace visitors to their site. The number of users, their source and traffic through the site could be easily tracked through these. However, a major drawback is that most data is shown collectively for different segments. Understanding individual user behavior, repeat behavior by groups of customers is not focused. There are tools with huge potential analyzing customer insights that really matters, making it easy for the marketers to understand the correct target audience for their brand.

Actionable Analytics and intelligent analytics : Many renowned web analytic services have another limitation. Marketers require a good deal of experience in understanding how to apply the data generated by the analytics. Tools which present data more clearly to beginners, professionals and management users and integrate action can help here. Users of the analytics still need to know the right questions to ask, how to customize the available tools for their business. Only skilled analysts can extract actionable insights.

Digital Channel Sales Optimization : Ecommerce management platforms focus on the serious business of getting merchandising right across home, category and product pages. There are new tools that present commercial insights to retailers and brands for optimizing their merchandize.

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Why we need Web Redesign?


If you want to know why we need Web Redesign, you need to know Website redesign is not just a means to change the look and feel of the website. It upgrades the presentation, function, seamlessness and speed of the website. Upgrading navigation and adding important, latest and upgraded features to your site will impress your visitors and contribute in a better business opportunity.

Implement Latest Technologies

Website redesigning requires you to implement latest technologies and tools in orders to make it more responsive and perform better. Tools and technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 are the must haves. If you have a Word Press website, you should have the upgraded versions such as the version 3.8 “Parker”.

Keeping in Step with the Latest Trends

Trends keep changing with every passing day and to increase business, you need to keep with the changing trends. Your website should show the upgrade and that you are keeping in step with the latest trends. Responsive and yet flat design, minimalism and addition of video to the website are some of the latest trends.

Because Google wants you to

You need to keep in mind that your website has to come up on a good rank on the Google SERP. Whether you like it or not, you must have a rich UI/UX because Google wants you to. This will increase your page rank and gradually your business will also increase.

Freshening it Up for your Customers

Customers easily get bored with the same visuals, information and a site that has no surprises. Hence, freshening it up for your customers will be a good idea to impress them and increase your business through a simple website redesigning by a professional team of skilled and experienced website designers.

A Reason to Initiate Communication

If you want to get in touch with your previous customers and convince them to revisit your site, give them a strong reason to do it with a newly launched redesigned website. This will give you a reason to initiate communication with them and revive the possibility for a business again.

With time, your website receives a significant amount of junk in them. For getting rid of junk like the 404 errors and unnecessary junk pages, you must redesign your website from a web development company. With redesigning, you can sync your site with social media sites and also redirect visitors towards the right website page.

e-Commerce website checklist

Are you selling a products on your website? Before you going live your website, here few things you need to think about your ecommerce website, because ecommerce industry continuously growing up. Few most effective tips to increase sells of your website and the check list to your ecommerce website.


Web design & Development :

  •   Home page
  •  Landing page
  •  Product listing page
  •  Individual product page
  •  Contact page
  •  Terms & Policy page

Functionality of website : 

  • Page navigations
  • Product Category/ Subcategories
  • Accessibility
  • Compatibility
  • Links / Redirections
  • Performance

SEO : 

  • Meta Tags for all pages
  • Unique Product description
  • Optimized Images
  • Sitemap and Robots Execution
  • Usage of snippets
  • Product Comparison and Reviews

Social Media : 

  •  Social media integration
  •  Social sharing for Products
  •  Branding Pages and Blogs Creation

Additional :

  • Payment Gateways
  • Product check outs
  • Wish list
  • Order conformation
  • Security Certificates

Why you need E-commerce Website?

  • Digital market is faster than regular offline market
  • To access the global market
  • To increase visibility of your store
  • Allow customers to anywhere any time
  • Web influences almost half of offline market

Commonly E-Commerce is known as Electronic marketing. It’s a type of business module, which consists buying and selling products and services over electronic system by using internet. Rapidsoft technologies is a Magento eCommerce development company who have expert developer for all kind of web appa.

Responsive Web Design Benefits

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design or RWD is a web designing technique devised to build sites to avail an unsurpassed website viewing experience with easy reading, navigation facility across an array of devices (from mobile phones to desktop monitors)

Advantages Of Responsive Design For Business Owners

  • It reaches more audience by offering them smooth Multi-Device compatibility.
  • Customers are mostly on mobile, it is easy to stay in touch with them.
  • You only have one website to maintain and only one set of code.
  • Improves your SEO as you only have to change content for one link, the URL structure remains constant.
  • Flawless User Experience.
  • If you are an online seller of tangible gods, there’s more chances that you sell more as your website will be  accessible even from the most remote locations.

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