How Blockchain will work for your business

There has been fraud of Punjab National Bank with the deficit of more than 11000 crore rupees by a diamond businessman Modi.


If BlockChain has been utilized in this criteria than this fraud would have stopped with miles away. BlockChain is a technology which is a digital Ledger used by any organization to record any financial transaction from any part of the world. It evaluates the values of the transactions.

Not a one person is control of this system but a group of people are in charge of this piece of system. The age of this technology that has been introduced in this world at this point period is exactly where internet was 20 year. There will be lot of exploration in this piece of technology.

There is lot investment happening in making this technology to the masses across the globe by IBM and Microsoft.  According to the sources that it will be worth $ 24 billion by 2024 year. Read More about BlockChain Technology