Top reasons to prefer PHP over others

PHP has a deep impact on website and web application development industry globally. As one of widely adopted server-side scripting languages, PHP is a recommended technology when it comes to developing high-end web pages with dynamic features / functions. A PHP based website or web application development can easily be created with customized,interactive features.

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This blog covers numerous reasons establishing how PHP development is suitable for web based application developments.


PHP is fast among other scripting level languages.  Its speed is visible when you actually experience it.  When a PHP based page or software is lived on the web, you can easily experience that it is faster than others.  It may take little more time when it has to establish a link to a database to get certain data.


PHP is an open source scripting language.  Developers are free to use and customize it to have desired output.  A PHP web developer does not need to possess or obtain any license or key for using this scripting language.  This feature makes it an efficient and economical solution for website and web app development.

Multiple platform support – PHP supports several platforms.  It can be set up with around all operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh and Linux.  Find an edition you want to use and follow the given directions for using it.

Trouble-free Syntax

PHP is based on an easier set of syntax.  Many times you will feel you are using C language.  It helps developers can quickly conceptualize a web based PHP development.

Support for many open source technologies

PHP is the base of many web based technologies such as Joomla, Magento, CakePHP,  Drupal and PHPBB.  These technologies have evolved on the foundation of PHP.

Support for other languages and technologies

When a solution is conceptualized using PHP, it can support a number of technologies such as MySQL, Linux, Apache, etc.  A PHP development can further support C, C++, Java, AJAX and lots of other languages.

Developers can develop PHP based software applications also with coding programs which have extension C to add practicality to the codes.  It is straightforward,  yet can be used in complex web development projects.  Developers can effortlessly tweak PHP codes to have desired productivity and performance.  A web development based on PHP remains prompt, stable and protected.  The major benefit of using this scripting language is that it is supported by a largest community of web developers all over the world.  There are many online communities which provide help to new developers.

Rapidsoft is a web Development Company and we work on all kind of web development technologies. PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Rapidsoft has well-know PHP web developers that know the most functional ways to utilize the power of PHP environment and its capacity.

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Best Magento E-Commerce Development Company

Magento eCommerce development company

Magento is used by most of the Industry based e-Commerce platforms development company. Most of  e-Commerce sites development platform  have a limit to add products,However Magento based eCommerce sites have unlimited product add capacity without any cost.

Magento provides mobile optimize web development which helps you to manage your e-Commerce site on Mobile as well.

Magento web application Development scope is very vast and it can be implemented in every kind of shop which are looking to be online stores such as:

  • Multi-site and multi-site functionality
  • Product Display Options
  • Mobile Templates
  • Transaction options
  • User Accounts
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Product Categorization
  • Shopper Filtering
  • Discount and promotion rules

Rapidsoft Technologies also provide service to hire magento developers for e-Commerce based site development to their clients. Rapisoft has well-know Magento web developers that know the most functional ways to utilize the power of Magento  environment and its capacity.

There is still nothing better than Java Web Application Development

Java web development

Java EE, or previously known as J2EE, is a community driven technology for enterprise-grade web development. It is supported by industry experts over the world. Java web development is an ultimate choice when it comes to developing feature rich platform.

Developers can also create server side apps based on Java apps servers like jBoss, Tomcat, etc. They can also build a wide range of software with technologies like Hibernate, Spring, etc as well as with the use of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). They can also integrate different databases like MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle as the requirements of implementations.

An expert Java web development team can exploit following advantages of Java EE

  • Java EE is a vendor independent technology. There are multiple of implementations available for a specification.
  • Because it is used by several players, Java EE is a sustainable technology.
  • It is fully supported by the web. The framework of Java EE has completely evolved for the development and implementation of Java based feature-rich web applications.
  • It uses containers that mean developers can quickly deliver solutions.

Java EE is everywhere. It is still one of the leading web development technologies. It’s secured. It is powerful beyond imagination. There is still no better alternate to Java EE.

Rapidsoft Technologies is an Indian company which has well-know java web developers that know the most functional ways to utilize the power of java environment and its capacity.We also provide services in dedicated resource hiring for our clients.