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Why Your Website Really Needs an Application


Before you begin converting your website into a mobile app, it’s necessary to learn Why Your Website Really Need a Mobile App

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Rapidsoft Android and iOS App Development Portfolio

Rapidsoft Technologies has been offering on-demand android and ios app development services and solution across the global since 2007.  We have designed and developed a number of a mobile app for diverse industry verticals such as Retail, Gamming, Social networking, Real estate, Hotel, Travel, Health & fitness, and a lot more. Check out our mobile app development portfolio.



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Understanding the mobile and web application development processes

The revolution brought in the world by the mobile and web application development is known us all. It is touching almost every aspect of our lives. Developers are eagerly finding novel ways to implement mobile and web technologies, along with improving the existing ones, such as scaling and optimizing legacy system-based IT infrastructure to be accessed via smartphones. So a lot of is happening in the mobile and web application development these days.


This is the best phase of personal computing and yes, it has posed a much positive impact on us all. Now various online services cannot only be accessed through desktops but also through smartphones and tablets. However, both mobile app and website serve for the same purpose but there are fundamental differences in them both, like:

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Mobile Application Development in Saudi Arabia

The World is moving toward the fingertips technology which has started the journey from desktop to smartphones. The journey is full of innovation stuff that world has witnessed. This innovative period has come to many countries that have witnessed the unbelievable. There is a country where smartphones are double in number as compare to the population. The name of that country is Saudi Arab where this is the real fact the possession of the smartphones more than the population. This fact came with the surprise that how this country is so much indulging in the smart phone in order to explore the mobile application technology. Mobile application technology has changed the face of the world with many mobile applications to explore. Saudi Arabia is the country where there is a lot of scope for the mobile application technology. The people from this country are coming up with great ideas for the mobile application but executing them is whole different story. Striking the right combination for developing the mobile application is a very stressful task if the guidance is not right. Recommending the company is taking care of the whole process from brainstorming to end products. The name of the Company is Rapidsoft technologies

Rapidsoft Technologies is imparting total software solution services for mobile & web platform.  We, Rapidsoft Technologies in this business over a decade period. We have experience in various industries sector with diverse technology platforms that what makes us exceptionally, standout & prominent company leads to the destination of many clients to avail our effective services. This company has delivered more than 300 applications with high level of client satisfaction. The company’s in-house development team is agile in understanding the requirement of the client at the level of any complexity and adroit in executing the requirement of the client at utmost satisfaction.

The service at Rapidsoft Technologies is offering as follows:

  • Android Application Development
  • iOS (iPhone/ iPad) Application Development
  • Windows Phone Application Development
  • BlackBerry Application Development
  • Cross Platform Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile website/web Application Development


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