Best Ecommerce Platform for Startups

Well, there was time when there used to be a very few choices. Now time has changed, there are a lot of choices that create nail biting competition in the market. Presently, trend of e-commerce is at boom. Retailers are willing to create their presence on online. Selecting the right platform for the e-commerce is the challenge. There are a lot of technology in this sector like Opencart, Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce and others. In this answer, I am going to provide you answer of this question with benefits.


Magento emerges as winner from all of these technologies. Magento is a leading open source platform with flexible feature list & functionality to the online shopping platform. The benefit of this  technology is as follows:

  • Provide online shopping cart solution
  • Provide spectacular user experiences
  • Technology is created to support web stores
  • Enable the user to search & buy products with no hassle
  • Seo friendly
  • Updating in this technology is not complicated

To understand more of the technical term, one must consult to the expert of this technology. Rapidsoft has an expertise of this technology which provides Magento development services & consultation to clients. This company is in this business for more than a decade & have delivered more than 150+ web sites on Magento technology.


Enterprise Mobile App Development

Mobile devices have created an endless need in our life. Their role in business computing is further essential. They have indisputably carved a special niche in every industry and proved to be valuable in more ways than one. With a growing number of businesses are going mobile and implementing mobile based solutions for their customers, employees and partners, 2016 has been the year to be a key point of time setting new trends in enterprise mobile app development.


Mobility indeed opens doors to new possibilities for work and allows organizations to bring desired efficiency into their external and internal business operations. With saving huge time and accelerating growth, mobile applications are also helpful in brand positioning and making the company a globally popular name.

With rising trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), companies are hiring Enterprise mobile app development firms to properly address their requirements.  Businesses engaged in retailing, banking, insurance, health-care, publications, real estate and pharmaceutical industries have already discovered mobility as an exclusive medium to drive their processes and most of them have even introduced their apps.

Let us come across the key benefits of enterprise mobile app development for businesses

· Mobility enables organizations to provide the best of the means of employee engagement. It also enables them to re-design business processes to optimize work efficiency.

· With right mobile solution, organizations offer the best of the means to communicate with all the respective people.

· Mobility lets them re-design business process to optimize work and drive efficiency.

· Mobility makes big data and useful business intelligence information handy. With dedicated mobile applications, executives get more opportunities to sell a product.

· With increasing adoption of mobile devices, Mobile Device Management is getting so much attention. This can increase the capabilities of an organization and fulfill its various functions.

· The banking world is nowadays experiencing a flood of opportunities produced by mobile device users. Mobile technology has given rise to Near Field Communication (NFC) which can be used by developers to add an easy payment system to their applications.

· Mobile technology has also been quite useful in automating various organizational activities, particularly field-force automation.

· Mobility also powers employees to stay connected wherever they go. Right solutions can allow them to work without the office-boundaries.

But one major problem in adopting mobile technology is security. There are organizations that fear of implementing mobility because of security risks. So for all them, the good news is that mobile devices are quite secured. It’s the method of developing a mobile app that makes mobile devices vulnerable.


Healthcare application development – apps make patients’ life easier

Healthcare application development is an emerging trend in healthcare industry. This post discusses how apps are helping patients, doctors, hospitals and other professionals in healthcare industry.


Almost every industry is discovering the advantages of being on mobile platform. Healthcare is one of these industries which, with healthcare application development, has put a lot of its services just a few taps away. The quickest way to reach a doctor has been to call him or her and ask for an appointment / advices. But now, we have a more refined and simplified version of the same process. An app can do it quite effortlessly.

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10 services offered by Rapidsoft as an asp.Net development company

Are you looking for an development company. If yes then this post is going to provide information about the services provided by an developer. web development company is widely applied website and web app development technology. A professional development company like Rapidsoft can offer a complete range of services for dynamic website and web app development.

It can deliver the project in drastically reduced time because of the compress-code structure of the technology.

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