What makes chat bots so Important for your business?

Now all of sudden, everyone has started to talk about chatbots. So what is a chatbot? Let’s learn about chatbots in this blog.


What is a chat bot?

There are two key types of chat bots popular at this moment: The first one uses artificial intelligent (AI) while other one is based on a multiple choice-script. Both types of chat bots can create personalized content experience for whatever you do; from watching videos to reading articles, to purchasing grocery online. Read More


Which language is the best to develop iOS Applications?

Swift is the latest programming technology introduced by Apple for its iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux. Google too has hinted to extend support to Swift based apps in future.


Experts have said that Swift is a true game-changer programming technology not only for Apples iPhone / iPad devices or other Apple devices too.

Apple has introduced it in the market for replacing the dependency of iOS app developers on Objective-C.

Many developers are nowadays gravitating towards the Swift programming because of its simplicity and power. It’s an easy-to-comprehend language with fewer legacy conventions.

The coding through Swift is written in readable English with the use of simple syntax. There is no need for nesting or brackets and semicolons.

The top benefit of using Swift for iPad and iPhone application development is Playgrounds which lets developers run any code snippet with no need of recompiling and fixing errors to see the output on the emulator.

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Secured Payment Gateway App

Secured payment Gateway application has become a necessity in any e-commerce application. It has become essential to have the payment gateway in any sale application because people like to avoid the hassle of paying through cash. It has become the rapid process of having the payment gateway integration in the application which takes care of many procedures that are less hassle-free system. This application allows the transaction through credit card and debit card. Rapidsoft Technologies is one of the leading mobile application development companies that offer the service in providing integration payment gateway in the various applications.


 The feature list of the application as follows:

  •  Secured and adaptable credit card/ debit card transaction procedure
  • Easy to use just punch in the detail of credit card/debit card detail
  • Utilization of the card is very simple by putting the details in the application or swipe the card for utilization
  • Provides the platform for promotion and improves merchandising

Hospital app Development Company



Rapidsofttechnologies is a Mobile and Web Application Development Company. We are providing Healthcare Mobile Apps solutions for more than a decade. If you are planning on developing Hospital mobile apps, you can reach us by sending an email @ sales@rapidsofttechnologies.com or visit our website @ rapidsofttechnologies.com

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How Chatbots Are Important For Your Marketing Strategy


1. Customer service: By providing this option for customers, you will lower the stress of dealing with customer service and increase customer satisfaction with your brand.
2. Consumer analysis: Chatbots can play a large role analyzing customer data, and optimizing sales and marketing strategies in light of this analysis.

3. Personalized ads: Another chatbot strategy that’s proven to be successful is the creation of personalized ads.

4. Proactive customer interaction: Most brands employ passive customer interaction, i.e., they only respond to customers and do not reach out. But, instead of waiting for the customer to initiate contact with your brand, you should reach out.

5. Site feedback: Chatbots are great for reaching out to customers via simple questions and the gathering of feedback.

6. Lead-nurturing: You want to be careful to not be annoying with customized messaging, however. There is a fine line. It would also be wise to do some A/B testing on your customized messages to see what types of copy work best.

7. Maintain a presence on a messenger act via a chatbot: By maintaining a presence on a messenger app via a chatbot, you can save money while simultaneously remaining available for your customers 24 hours a day.

Source: Entrepreneur.com

The top trends deciding the future of mobility

Here are the trends to happen in future.


Hybrid app development to get more preference

We will see that more and more businesses are choosing hybrid mobile app development technology for their app projects. The primary reasons leading business to turst on hybrid approach includes affordable development cost and quick turnaround time.

Beacon and integrated GPS technology

The key purpose served by GPS technology is blurring the barriers between online and offline modes. But mobile app development has now well prepared to handle it. Location information too is guiding the new age retail platforms.

Location-based technologies

The technology of location is helping mobile app developer tracking locations of users and along with destinations. The data generated out of these trackings isn’t helpful in main courses but also providing solid base to marketing and promotion campaigns.

Wearables and IoT

Wearable and IoT technologies are getting traction and, more and more businesses around the world are looking for scopes in integrating them to their systems and software.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is now giving people and employees with virtual spaces to work on things as they are actually there.


E-commerce is gradually shifting towards M-commerce which means people have started to prefer their mobile devices to purchase things online.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are being brought to mobile app development which simply means that future apps will be smarter and intelligent

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Free Shopping Apps for Black Friday Deals

Getting the best deals on Black Friday used to be simpler. You’d just wait for the Sunday newspaper, check your local retailers’ ads in the circulars, then march yourself down to the store to score that $100 TV or $5 toaster oven.
Here are some of our favorite apps and websites for Black Friday deals, whether you’re shopping for electronics or anything else: Read More