10 tips for a successful mobile app development


Every business, startup and entrepreneur is rushing for mobile apps. They are investing in their ideas, hiring developers, and quickly launching the apps on stores. But, how many apps do really succeed and fulfill the purposes they are made for? They are limited in numbers.

But it’s not difficult for both businesses and developers to see their apps climbing the ladder success. All they need to do is – learn from the professionals.

Provided by businesses and professionals, following are the top 10 tips for successful mobile app development. These tips have been leading them to attain success in their app-ventures. Read More: https://www.whatech.com/mobile-apps/blog/333721-10-tips-for-a-successful-mobile-app-development

How to Get Users to Test Your New App


So, you’ve concluded a mobile app development and showed the end-product to a close group of friends, family members and coworkers, but you are now stuck in considering how you can arrange more users to test it and get more fair feedback. This blog shows you some different and quite efficient ways to receive valuable response from real users.

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Serving better logistics service to the client through mobile application


There is the time when industries were booming across the world where a number of employments were created. That period was precious to anyone for any country when their industrial revolution started. The industrial revolution is an important part where it is defined as a core asset for an economy of any country. Countries lie upon on the revenue generation and own survival on industries. Time flies away from where competition kicked in this industrial world. There is cut throat competition in the industrial sector as many opportunities came in the market to the people in order to explore boundaries in the industrial world. People want to reduce down these human errors which caused during the processing of a task in the industries. People in industries trying to achieve six-sigma but that is not possible by human and manual machine. This six-sigma can be achieved by using the automation system in the industrial sector. There are many industries which is integrating automation system in their industries but the mostly necessity part of any industries is it’s logistic. Logistic is the core part of any industry without this part industry is nothing. There are companies who are dedicatedly the logistic company where everything is dependent on the transportation.

Logistic companies are looking to achieve six-sigma through automation. It early on handled through manually but integrating the mobile application in this industry has changed the working of this industry. The benefits of the mobile application technology to the logistics as follows:

  • Reduces the cost of the industry
  • Reduces the human error
  • Access of various information at the fingertips
  • Remove the system of manual data entry to avoid the errors
  • Always being aware of the freight rate through the application
  • Provide the right policies to the company for freight savings
  • Generate the freight report in no time
  • Track on minutes basis of the freight
  • Maintain the performance of the driver and employees
  • Provide the list of the various vendor in no time

There are many other benefits to this application in perspective of the logistic industry. Rapidsoft Technologies is the company that provides this kind of application to the client. This company has worked in dept in this industry that has worked on the various kind of application in logistic industry as follows:

  • Task management app for managing freight
  • Travel planning app
  • Various Delivery app
  • Tracking of delivery app

Mobile App Design for Logistic Industry See Here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/54203677/Sports-Mobile-app-design-Ultimate-Wrestling-Quiz-App 

How much does it cost to run an app like Tinder?


Creating the dating application has become the fashion of today’s youth. It has become the business which will be profit proof even during the recession if everything went in the right direction. People are investing huge to come up with an excellent dating application like Tinder. There has been a lot of investment from various kinds of people in developing some new kind of dating application. Creating the application like tinder need lot of mind involvement and various kinds of creative ideas that have been gathered from research from the market. In creating such kind of application requires lot of investment and effort of the developing team and client. Copying the application like tinder won’t work as people will eventually know that it is a replica of the Tinder application. Building the application like tinder will start from $40000  and it depends on as per your requirement of the application. This application has some awesome feature which has attracted million of users across the Globe. I suggest don’t try to create the application like Tinder but do something new for the dating application. It needs a lot of research and huge investment as well as the time. One has to be committed to the application work in order to make it one of the most used and prominent applications of the world. There is a lot of work to do with this application. There is a wide range of ideas in creating the better application than tinder. One has to take the risk in developing something new and better application than Tinder. There is lot of ideas lying around but one has to take the initiative in order to reach them and transform into effective application.

Rapidsoft Technologies is the company that believes in the spirit of the ideas from the various. It has the seeing perspective of the client’s ideas as the potential business deal which will become one of the most effective valuable assets for the client’s company.

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Top Mobile App Development Company In Chicago

Top Mobile App Development Company In Chicago

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Connected everything: Here are 7 ways IoT will change the business landscape this year

IoT is finally taking off. Businesses can benefit, but we all need to make some adjustments


Internet-of-things tech has finally started to gain pace. With so many developments in IoT,  it’s reasonable to say that such connected technologies will finally begin to take off this year. We can already see its use in several industries like automotive, energy, healthcare, transportation, and in smart manufacturing, as well as in various home applications like door well cam, air tracking, smart electricity plug, security system, intelligent oven, thermostat, and several others.

So is your business IoT ready? How businesses will be affected by IoT? This is what this article is trying to find. Let’s begin:

1. More data available

Data is the key for any business to thrive in any market today. The more data a business owner has, the more the company can connect with consumers. And of course, being able to engage this way will generate more revenue, too. Connected devices are now designed to collect the more data than ever before — the aim is to provide more targeted services to users. An IoT-ready business is able to track and record consumer behaviour patterns, which can then be used to optimise marketing/advertising strategies, which prove to be more effective in targeting demographics on a more precise level. With accurate data in hand, businesses are able to make intelligent product recommendations and customise searches, in order to attract more customers.

2. IoT-enabled inventory management processes

IoT is also revolutionising tracking and management of inventory. A business depending on warehousing, manufacturing, or storage can implement IoT-enabled remote scanners helping workers easily track inventory of items. We can also expect a completely automated IoT based inventory management solution, freeing up companies from any sort of manual inputs, which often cause many irregularities. So IoT isn’t merely about ‘smart home’ or ‘smart appliance’ but it is also about ‘smart office’, ‘smart warehouse’, and so on.

3. Better efficiency from remote working

IoT offers pretty good possibilities for those who want to work remotely, particularly within their own company premises. For example, IoT technology is coupled with wireless technology, enables employees to check in and out of locations without the need for extra intervention.

IoT sensors and devices “know” who you are, and saves time by allowing users to conduct transactions seamlessly using mobile or connected devices they bring with themselves, such as a smartphone. The same can be done with workers in an office building or a factory floor.

4. Faster sales and buying cycles

The buying cycle will turn out to be shorter as better data collection enables consumers to access products faster. This will be optimised or customised according to their needs. Searching items will be possible even with a handful of spoken phrases, which can help consumers find the exact products they are looking for. Yes, consumers will demand for quick delivery, and fortunately, e-commerce partners such as suppliers and logistics service providers will also implement IoT-enabled practices at their workplace, which will result in faster processing of orders.

5. Better efficiency and productivity

Speed isn’t everything. Businesses also need to complete their operations productively and efficiently. IoT will really increase the speed of several business processes without any compromise to efficiency and productivity. Latest developments in IoT will empower your workers to accomplish big tasks quickly with reduced risk of errors. Also, companies, businesses and factories will be able to complete their operations with fewer staff members.

6. New consumer needs

While empowering your business with IoT, don’t forget customers using IoT-enabled devices will have new needs. They will also want things they have never asked before. Of course, they will expect more out of every new purchase they make and every new order they place. This is where IoT-powered smart devices play a crucial role, particularly with new standards for appliances, gadgets, accessories, tools and everything that can have the web or computer connectivity.

7. New employee skills are also required

While IoT will inevitably reduce manpower and staffing requirements for some industries, it will also come with increased need for skills related to technology and connectivity. Your business will require new staff members, or you can train existing ones, in order to adapt better with these new technologies. You will certainly need experts who can handle IoT operations and successfully integrate these IoT-devices into your current processes.

Wrapping up

But how quickly is the IoT going to take off? The initial estimates were fairly ambitious a few years back. There were several overestimations on how rapidly people would adopt these devices, but it still took several years. The technology of IoT is gradually finding its place in the world, and as many reports suggest, 2017 will be the year wherein we will see IoT devices exploding in popularity, particularly for general purpose computing tasks. Let us wait and see.

Source: https://e27.co/connected-everything-7-way-iot-will-change-business-landscape-year-20170131/