Best Ecommerce Platform for Startups

Well, there was time when there used to be a very few choices. Now time has changed, there are a lot of choices that create nail biting competition in the market. Presently, trend of e-commerce is at boom. Retailers are willing to create their presence on online. Selecting the right platform for the e-commerce is the challenge. There are a lot of technology in this sector like Opencart, Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce and others. In this answer, I am going to provide you answer of this question with benefits.


Magento emerges as winner from all of these technologies. Magento is a leading open source platform with flexible feature list & functionality to the online shopping platform. The benefit of this  technology is as follows:

  • Provide online shopping cart solution
  • Provide spectacular user experiences
  • Technology is created to support web stores
  • Enable the user to search & buy products with no hassle
  • Seo friendly
  • Updating in this technology is not complicated

To understand more of the technical term, one must consult to the expert of this technology. Rapidsoft has an expertise of this technology which provides Magento development services & consultation to clients. This company is in this business for more than a decade & have delivered more than 150+ web sites on Magento technology.


7 Resaons Why Magento Is Best eCommerce Platform

Magento is the easy to use and perfect CMS for Ecommerce website development for online product business. Today it has become one of the most popular eCommerce platforms amongst online retailers or sellers. If you are thinking to start an e-commerce business, then you can choose Magento as your platform for developing a high-quality of a website. However, Magento is a CMS but has extensions and templates to build a feature-rich and search engine friendly e-commerce website.


Famous online store based on Magento –


7 Resaons Why Magento Is Best eCommerce Platform

  1. Lots of user friendly features.
  2. Allows you to update your ecommerce website automatically.
  3. Simple, quick and versatile that is easy for customers to search and purchase products and services.
  4. Highly interactive shopping experience.
  5. Magento also gives support to online stores in promoting their inventory in varied domains.
  6. Magento being designed to be a configuration based MVC system.
  7. Magento is also updated regularly by designers, which means you’ll continually get new features and speedy bug fixes, as well as support from the larger Magento web community.

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e-Commerce website checklist

Are you selling a products on your website? Before you going live your website, here few things you need to think about your ecommerce website, because ecommerce industry continuously growing up. Few most effective tips to increase sells of your website and the check list to your ecommerce website.


Web design & Development :

  •   Home page
  •  Landing page
  •  Product listing page
  •  Individual product page
  •  Contact page
  •  Terms & Policy page

Functionality of website : 

  • Page navigations
  • Product Category/ Subcategories
  • Accessibility
  • Compatibility
  • Links / Redirections
  • Performance

SEO : 

  • Meta Tags for all pages
  • Unique Product description
  • Optimized Images
  • Sitemap and Robots Execution
  • Usage of snippets
  • Product Comparison and Reviews

Social Media : 

  •  Social media integration
  •  Social sharing for Products
  •  Branding Pages and Blogs Creation

Additional :

  • Payment Gateways
  • Product check outs
  • Wish list
  • Order conformation
  • Security Certificates

Why you need E-commerce Website?

  • Digital market is faster than regular offline market
  • To access the global market
  • To increase visibility of your store
  • Allow customers to anywhere any time
  • Web influences almost half of offline market

Commonly E-Commerce is known as Electronic marketing. It’s a type of business module, which consists buying and selling products and services over electronic system by using internet. Rapidsoft technologies is a Magento eCommerce development company who have expert developer for all kind of web appa.

Why should You choose Magento ?


Decision about which e-Commerce platform choose for your online store is very complicated, challenging and game changer. You can afford Magento at every budget. If your  company is new or experienced, Magento is best option for any company to satisfied your customer. Magento has most suitable theme and configuration to fulfill everyone need. A company which give whole important to its e-Commerce site, for that Magento is best choice to enhance online business. Use of this platform is easy and simple for both site owner and customer. There is no one same platform like Magento in market. Because of this reason I decided to make presentation on benefit of Magento.

Benefit of Magento

  1. Open Source
  2. Features
  3. Flexibility & Conversion
  4. Active Community
  5. Architecture


Magento e-Commerce development  is best ecommerce platform choice for your online store. Majority of owner choose Magento platform for their online store because it has lots of resource and it gives facility of multiple store. Here I discussed all benefit of Magento, read on to discover why Magento is best for you.

Grow Your Magento Store with Facebook Page

Magento -facebook

There is a huge opportunity for Magento development services and the small and medium sized entrepreneurs to benefit from selling on Facebook. Your sale can really boost with this tremendous tool of social connection. Facebook is not only a mere social networking site which connects you to your social group of people but also helps you expand and sell better. It connects you to all the Facebook users across the globe, promoting your brand and creating a market for it. Here we are sharing some top valuable tips to get business via Facebook.

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  • Distinguish your Facebook page from your competitors. Your page should speak about your brand and help you stand out. With the incredible features of Facebook, you can add images and logos.
  • This will help your customers to identify your brand easily.
  • Let your Facebook  profile talk to people. Tell everything about your products and company to people. This creates a better understanding, in turn increasing your sales and loyalty.

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  • Post your new collection of products and images, videos and let your customers know you better.
  • Import all your social networking profiles like Twitter, You tube, Pinterest and integrate them with your Facebook page.
  • This makes your Facebook profile more appealing. This is an easy task and takes no time.

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Top Magento Development Services

Magento Development

Do you have a online business? If yes, They you are at right place because Magento is the best solution for run your business online.With professional magento development services, it is conveniently feasible to tackle web site style, organizing, designs  templates and a whole lot much more could be handled.

Why You Should Opt for Magento Development Services?

  • Versatile content management
  • Mobile-friendly configuration
  • Advanced search engine optimization
  • Powerful and spacious
  • Built-in upsells and cross-sells
  • Easy third-party integrations
  • Customize security permissions
  • Intelligent filtered search for shoppers
  • A gigantic community
  • Saves time and money

Thanks for your valuable time and the interest shown for Ecommerce development. Here we have share some other web technologies blogs have a look.

Best Magento E-Commerce Development Company

Magento eCommerce development company

Magento is used by most of the Industry based e-Commerce platforms development company. Most of  e-Commerce sites development platform  have a limit to add products,However Magento based eCommerce sites have unlimited product add capacity without any cost.

Magento provides mobile optimize web development which helps you to manage your e-Commerce site on Mobile as well.

Magento web application Development scope is very vast and it can be implemented in every kind of shop which are looking to be online stores such as:

  • Multi-site and multi-site functionality
  • Product Display Options
  • Mobile Templates
  • Transaction options
  • User Accounts
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Product Categorization
  • Shopper Filtering
  • Discount and promotion rules

Rapidsoft Technologies also provide service to hire magento developers for e-Commerce based site development to their clients. Rapisoft has well-know Magento web developers that know the most functional ways to utilize the power of Magento  environment and its capacity.