Do you want to know the cost of Medical App for Finding Doctors like Practo?

Getting the appointment of doctor is daunting task where one has to wait for some period to able find the appointment of good doctor. Technology came into the picture where it has made many thing efficient and easy to use. There use to be lot of hassle in the process of getting appointment of doctors but that hassle has been erased by new kind of app called Practo.


Practo is the application of this genre where one is enable to book the appointment on the basis of the star provided for the doctors. Practo has many useful features in searching for the desirable doctor for the patient. This application has some amazing features as follows:


• The best way to book doctor appointments
• Consult online with a doctor
• Order medicines online
• Set medicine reminders
• Book Lab Tests Online
• Keep your medical records handy
• Learn new ways to be healthier
• Search through thousands of free answers on health

Creating the replica of this application will cost the individual a lot more than normal because this is one of the particular applications. The starting point of creating such kind of application is $15000 and cost will vary depending on the addition of other features. Get More Information Here: Health app


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