Key Features That a Real Estate App Can Have

What can be the possible features of a real estate app? If you are a real estate app development company or agent and you have plans to get an app for your business, this article can be an ultimate help for you. It lists all the possible features a great real estate is supposed to have. Here we go –

Hand Holding Mobile Phone With House Sale Offer

Key Features That a Real Estate App Can Have

Search of properties – It’s the fundamental feature every real estate application should have. When a customer first use any app, he or she doesn’t know how does it work but because they have query in their mind, the search box right there on the primary screen attract them to search something.

Search filters – As I said above, search is a fundamental feature and every real estate app should have this but it is also the most basic feature. Searching with a simple keyword “property for rent” may result tons of suggestions which may confuse customers. To limit the results, the app can be added with the filter feature. A filter may have options to choose property of particular type, budget, location, locality and area, market, number of rooms, toilets and kitchen, parking, garden, etc.

Sell of properties and inquiries – If you want to sell property through app, the app should have place to advertise it. Allow buyers to manage their listing. Also the app should show up all the inquiries

New project browsing and suggesting – No customer will keep a real estate app for a long time like he / she may keep a game or a utility app. Because buying property is not frequent requirement, users will uninstall it when the app fulfils the purpose. The app should be created in way so that it can suggest maximum options possible in the limited period of time.

Map integration  Now the integration of map is as important as the app itself. With map integrated to the app customers are able to search property along with amentias in particular areas. However the app can have descriptions mentioning that there are schools, hospitals and markets nearby the location of property but exploring all these amentias on the map where the location of property is also visible allows customers to have the reality check before actually buying the property

Calling and messaging

The app should have features of calling and messaging directly to the property advertisers. This will remove the need of noting down the contact details separately.

With having these features in a real estate app, property buyers can easily propose their listings to customers and of course can expect better opportunities too.

Source: Rapidsoft Article