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ERP Software

We are expert in developing ERP software for diverse industry verticals like ERP solution for the construction industry, ERP systems for Automotive industry, diamond, and Finance.

Why ERP solution is essential for your business?

Its one-line answer is that its improve productivity, enhance efficiencies, reduce cost and streamline the process.

Why Us?

We build software that takes care of all aspect of small or medium-sized companies to run smoothly and communicate with one another.

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How to decide a mobile platform for your first app


The increasing usages of smartphones are also increasing the demand mobile app development. Businesses know that apps can help them add great value to their band, as well as to their offering and customers care services.

But it’s not easy to decide that on which platform your app will be available first; particularly if it’s your first app. Two well-known choices are Android and iOS. They together serve almost all smartphone market over the world.

So how will you decide a platform for your first app? Here are the ways to do that. Read More

How much does it cost to Build a matrimony App like Shaadi?

People come to this world to live a wonderful life with a lot of joy into it. There are many ways to make this life meaningful. The most important part of the life is family, one wishes to have a family. Choosing the life partner in any way is a very responsible task. Finding the right partner is a challenging task. Many kinds of medium came in selecting the life partner but when technology came into the picture it became more accurate.


Building the application on matrimony is going to be very expensive. Building the application on matrimony is Hercules task because it requires a lot of work hour, money, and other resources to build such kind of application. The cost of building such kind of application will start from $25000 and go on to $75000 depending on the feature list but it can exceed this number for providing better feature list.

On-Demand Services App – Features and Benefit


What is On-Demand Services App

  1.  It’s work as a Mediator
  2. People effortlessly find skilled tradesperson-
  3. Save lots of the time and money
  4. Helpful for both tradesperson and people who need them-
  5. People Get all the service in One place like cleaning, gardening, pest controlling, waste removal, package delivery, pet-care, electrical repairing, etc.

    On-demand Features List

    • Get Users Current Location
    • Select the services
    • Schedule in Future
    • Consumer Referral Program
    • Payment
    • Tracking of services provider
    • Review users on successful Delivery
    • Push Notification
    • Real-Time chatting

On-Demand Mobile App Development Cost:

Developing an on-demand service delivery app may cost between $5,000 and $15,000 and, it can also go up to $25,000 as it depends on the features and functions to be added to the end-product. Contact us for a complete cost estimation of an on-demand service delivery app.

How Can You Grow Your Laundry Business with App

Laundry businesses have gained a lot of popularity over time; however, there is yet a lot of competition and struggle if you really want to make profits. We have been able to help many of our clients to grow their businesses who have been facing problems with:


– Maintaining logs in registers

– Branding their business

– Hassle to be physically present at the store.

– Attracting the right customers and their retention

– Notifying customers of their orders and order tracking

– Tracking record for financial details

– Storing customer data for future use

– Logistics

The list might be long..

But we have the solution to address all your issues:

Just get on your business to the fingertips of your customers.Yes! You are getting it right.

Mobile application for your business is all that you need!!

Just manage and have a better control over your business from now, making your business a brand with universal existence.

Give your customers a luxury experience upgrading the standards of your laundry.

Making it all the more easy, simple and convenient for you and your clients to place orders, real-time geo-location based tracking, payment clarity, giving offers and discounts to attract and keep your customers engaged.

You can make your business hit only if you prove to provide the best of services that can keep your clients comfortable and satisfied.

After all, Comfort is all that one seeks for while getting on for laundry!!

So just target on to make your business successful. We will give you with all that it needs.

“One-time investment that can pay you huge returns”

A good laundry service can save time and money, what are your thoughts?

Just contact us and we will help you walk through it all:

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What is Bitcoin wallet application?


  • Secure Digital Wallet
  • Send, Receive, and Store Bitcoins
  • Uses cryptocurrency
  • Software which stores public and private keys
  • Interacts with different blockchain to allow users to send or receive digital currency.
  • It is considered as third-party wallet

Reason to develop Bitcoin Application

  • Bitcoin is under government radar
  • Secure system
  • Protected against inflation

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