Top things to keep in mind while developing wearable apps

The latest estimation by suggests that there would be more than 8 million wearable devices globally in 2020. These mobility-based wearable devices need apps. Of course, the need of wearable apps is now drawing the attention of mobile app developers. Also, businesses are seeing several advantages in bringing in wearable technology to their work processes, procedures, people, partners, and prospects.


Although, wearable devices generally work in the sync with mobile devices and so do wearable apps, but building them is different from building mobile apps. Developers must need to keep following things in their minds while building apps for wearable devices.

User interface

It is different for the wearable apps, which depend on container apps on mobile devices. Key things need pay attention to while building apps for wearable devices:

Designing the front-end User Interface

The biggest problem that developers face while developing wearable apps is designing the UI for tiniest screen size.

Not only screen, but a power of wearable devices is quite low in terms of processing. Also, there is limited battery and apps have to be designed to use every resource in a way so that devices can handle processes and stay alive all through the day.

Coding/wearable App

The coding techniques for wearable apps are different and, of course, challenging, too. Developers need to keep the code lightweight but make it capable of functioning advanced interactions.

Quick access to wearable features and functionality

Wearable devices are worn in the body almost round-the-clock and, they are there to provide innovative services. This is why things in wearable apps need to be responding in a single attempt. Because these apps work in the sync with smartphones, they need to have connectivity with these devices in the blink of an eye. Developers need to make proper use of instant notifications, quick information, and rapid action oriented applications.

User-centric design

Because wearable technology is user-centric, designing apps for wearables do also require a user-centric approach.

Precise app architecture

When it comes to formulating the architecture for wearable apps, it’s based on use cases and contexts apps in use.

Testing of apps

No universal testing methods have been established for the testing of wearable apps. This is why app developers building wearable apps need to rely on own capabilities and skills to make the experience better.

Source: Whatech