These are the 10 most popular mobile apps in Dubai

These are the 10 most popular mobile apps in Dubai which is most used by the  UAE People in their daily life

Food on click

bigfoodonclickAn extension of the popular website, this app lists most of Dubai’s larger outlets from McDonald’s and Burger King to Circle Cafe and Domino’s pizza. With helpful categorisation through food types, areas and average delivery times, if you’re looking for food on-the-go, this simple, straightforward app does the job.
Free. iPhone, Android,

Time Out Dubai
If you’re heading out or looking for a good deal, our expert knowledge sits in your pocket in the guise of this clever app. With maps embedded to help you reach your destination and venues categorised by price and location with our top ten picks for each category – what can we say: we think it’s the best guide to Dubai ever.
Free. iPhone,

The Dubai Mall
When you’re shopping somewhere as vast as The Dubai Mall, navigating your way around can be a challenge. Luckily, this app uses GPS to pinpoint your exact location on a 3D map. With shops logically categorised and info on stores that are running money-saving offers, this app is well-designed, helpful and simple. It even reminds you where you’ve parked.
Free. iPhone, Android,

With real time flight information along with flight status updates, this clever app assures there will be no looking bewildered at the departure board. There’s also shopping, food and drink info; our only gripe with it is the unimaginative use of colour and design.
Free. iPhone, Android,

Big Bus Tours
This app provides handy information on local landmarks and what to look out for. Designed to be used in conjunction with the actual tour, it also provides 3D maps along with useful reminders of where you can get on and off the bus. Our only worry is that if you spend the journey playing with your phone, you might miss seeing the actual attractions.
Free. iPhone, Android,
Cleartrip allows you to search and book flights, hotel and package holidays instantly from your smartphone. What’s great is that it searches flights from a wide range of airlines, saving you valuable search time. The app developers are based in India and we found the most useful for travel between there and the UAE with other destinations less well served.
Free, iPhone, Android,

Dubai mParking
A convenient way to pay for parking in Dubai. The app automatically composes an SMS to send to the RTA, using information it has saved from your parking history. So, there is no need to re-enter your parking details. It also sends alerts when your parking expires.
Dhs4. iPhone, Android,

The app version of this popular video-calling tool is a doddle to navigate and allows you to upload your phone book contacts to your Skype account for easy use. If you’re in the middle of a Skype call and your phone rings, however, the incoming call overrides the app.
Free. Available on Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices.

Reel Cinemas
Book tickets while you’re on the move with this app for theatres in The Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall. While it sometimes struggles to load the promotions page, show times for both cinemas are easy to locate. But it doesn’t let you book seats that leave single seat gaps – tricky if you’re booking two seats in a four-seat row.
Free. Available on Android and Apple devices.

Vox Cinemas
This recently updated app lets you view screenings by movies, location or experience (Gold, Max or Plus). Much like the Reel app, it’s a straightforward way of booking your seats, though we would like to see our payment details retained by both in order to get an even more streamlined experience.
Free. Available on Android and Apple devices.

RTA Dubai
Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority’s nifty app lets you calculate the fare between Metro destinations, check your NOL balance, pay for parking, book a taxi and find out about current projects being undertaken by the organisation. Sadly, the aspects of the app which rely on your location to provide you with the nearest Metro or bus station are not quite as seemless as we would want.
Free. Available on Android, Blackberry, Apple and Windows devices.

Dubai Metro
Also listed under ‘Dubai Metro2’, this app from the RTA helps Metro users make better sense of the two different lines, as well as listing timings in each direction for both green and red lines. Rules of the Metro are also featured, in case you need to brush up on them, as well as the measurements that are permitted for luggage (handy if you’re heading to the airport).
Free. Available Android and Apple devices

Dubai Map and Walks
Existing walking tours on this app include art and culture, shopping and Dubai landmark options (each detailing the number of sights taken in and the duration in hours) as well as the choice to create your own tour. Some of the ‘sights’ listed by the app are a little dubious, such as Park Place and Chelsea Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road and Harvester’s pub in the Crowne Plaza. On the upside, the descriptions of each location are surprisingly detailed, though there’s no audio.
Free. Available on Android, iPhone devices.
The online job site’s app allows users to search for vacancies in the UAE and beyond, with the option of using other social networks to find connections who work at the company. You can apply directly through the app, by first uploading your CV to the website.
Free. Available on Android, Blackberry, iPhone devices.