5 Apps That Are Changing Healthcare 2018


Mobile technology is amazing. It’ impact can be noticed in almost every aspect of our life. One of them is healthcare. Yes, mobility and apps have great influence over healthcare industry all over the world. Nowadays, a lot of app startups are growing up around healthcare industry and of course, contributing to make the world a better place. Read More

Here are Top 5 Apps That Are Changing Healthcare 2018

Micromedex ($3)

  • pharmaceutical reference app
  • Proper drug dosage and medicine recommendations.
  • Available for Both Android and IOS



  • Easily keep track of medical advancements and news
  • Provides videos on medical procedures
  • Chat option Available

Available for Both Android and IOS


Red Cross First Aid

  • Red Cross’ official First Aid app
  • It also supplies you with a host of informative quizzes and safety tips regarding natural disasters such as hurricanes


  • MyChart allows you to access your medical records on your phone at any time.
  • You can quickly see which vaccinations you’ve had and when at a glance, along with the last time you visited the doctor and which prescriptions you’re taking


Doctor on Demand

  • If you’ve ever wanted a doctor in your pocket — a physician, pediatrician, or psychologist — Doctor on Demand is for you.
  • A standard 15-minute all will cost you $40 though, and you aren’t able to choose your doctor.


Digital Pharmacist

  • Digital Pharmacist set out to make this information more accessible by helping pharmacists go digital.
  • Digital Pharmacist makes it easier for pharmacists to communicate with their customers while making the prescription fill process for convenient for everyone.





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