Real estate apps – the digital way of hunting a house

Searching a right home is a tedious job. It turns more disheartening when you visit a property and discover it to not living up to your expectations. Also, you cannot visit multiple sites when you are bounded with a job or business. You cannot also visit more than 2 or 3 properties in a day. So will you be satisfied with living in a home that you really don’t like? Here, technology saves you. The technology of smartphones and apps make searching a home an extremely convenient task even kids can do.



Real estate industry is keenly interested in putting every property worth selling or renting online through the app. A dedicated real estate application development can truly be helpful for both parties: sellers and buyers. Even agents/brokers are learning the advantages of selling and buying properties through mobile apps. Some big and medium-sized real estate businesses do have own dedicated real estate apps for all their transactions.

There are certain reasons that make buying, selling, renting and leasing of properties through mobile apps an easy thing. Say Mr. Ram is on the hunt for a property that is close to his office. While searching for an ordinary way, he will get contacts of many real estate agents in that particular area and will call them one by one. Maybe he will talk to an agent who doesn’t understand his requirements. Maybe the agent doesn’t have the full details. Maybe the agent asks for too much commission which is out of Ram’s budget. There can be a lot of things that can break his property search campaign.

Now if Mr. Ram uses an app for the same, he will experience how exciting it is to explore properties online. He will have multiple property options at a single location. He will have the option to explore each of the properties in details. He can have a virtual tour of individual properties. He can explore from toilet to balcony through 3D viewing. He can use live maps and calculate the distance between home and office/ schools/hospital, etc. He can contact the property owner through single tap and even record a voice mail. A real estate app can be designed with a host of features that can make searching of home fun or everyone.

An app is helpful for property agents too. They will not need to take every client at the site to give them a demo of different properties. By putting image, video, slides or 3D views of all the properties in his app, agents can cut down huge cost of entertaining individual customers. Apps can have desired flexibility to let clients easily access the available property options. Also with apps, agents have full control over database; they can quickly modify information, details, rates, comparison methods etc. The app can be integrated with local property listing to deliver the clients with comprehensive user-experience.

Real estate apps are making property buying, selling, renting and leasing easier than ever before. Developers of apps are implementing latest features to make the search more accurate so that all respective parties can do their property transactions without any trouble.

Do you need implementing Real Estate apps? We have best of the solutions and services for all your Real Estate mobile application development requirements.


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