How much does it cost to design a Mobile wallet app like Paytm?


Developing various kind of application takes a lot of efforts and investments. The most important thing of all is the idea where everything falls into place. The core key point is out of mobile application is that your base should be strong which represent a unique idea. The ideas that are transformed into million has become unique ideas. People copy those ideas in order to have the same ride the original had. How one can extend and enhance the unique ideas because there is always an expiry date to any idea. The execution on the ideas in various sector takes a lot of research that comes into picture while execution. Recently demonetization in India has opened the door for a mobile wallet. The mobile wallet business was not so much workable but after the demonetization move have broken the limits and has gained the revenue exponentially. These mobile wallet businesses have expanded that no one has ever dream off. People are availing this mobile wallet instead of in the situation of shortage that has been created by demonetization. This demonetization has made the people addicted to this mobile wallet that is hard to get rid of.

Creating such kind of application takes a lot of thinking but creating a unique style will be beneficial. The real cost of this kind of application is not very high but the maintaining cost can be high as dependent on the number of users. One has to add flavor to the existing mobile wallet in order to sustain in the market. That what Paytm has done. It added the flavor of e-commerce and some other additional feature that has differentiated this application all other mobile wallets. Brainstorming new ideas constantly is the key to being ahead in the race that what Paytm has done. It has become enormous e-commerce and mobile wallet application that has grabbed people attention at this period. Creating the clone of the paytm will be very expensive. As one suggest start with a few number of features from the paytm in order to create the application that will be affordable.

Trying to create this kind of application from the right company is an inevitable task if the guidance is not right. I recommend Rapidsoft Technologies. Rapidsoft Technologies is imparting total software solution services for mobile & web platform.  We, Rapidsoft Technologies is in this business over a decade period. We have experience in various industries sector with diverse technology platforms that what makes us exceptionally, standout & prominent company leads to the destination of many clients to avail our effective services. This company has delivered more than 300 applications with high level of client satisfaction. The company’s in-house development team is agile in understanding the requirement of client at the level of any complexity and adroit in executing the requirement of client at upmost satisfaction Read More:


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