VTalk App Development in Android and iOS

The World has moved towards from calling to video calling with an instant access to any of them face to face. This era is about calling the people with face to face with the facilities of providing multiple functionalities in only one application. VTalk app is that kind of application which provides the multiple features in one application. It is one of the most used applications in the corporate world. The client approached Rapidsoft Technologies in developing one kind of unique video calling application which results in VTalk App.

Feature List:

  • This application provides the platform connecting the users or employees in one go with the facilities of video chatting from any part of the world.
  • This application makes the process of the business dealing so convenient that meeting takes place face to face on the screen with multiple users.
  • This application is available on your smartphones and desktop that simplifies the distances for attending the meeting from one part of the world to other parts of the world. This application solves the traveling issue for the employees which can have the same experience physically attending the meeting at that particular place.
  • This application provides excellent security for safely transferring the documents across the globe.
  • This application cut the cost of the corporate world in the procedure of the meeting.



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