How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App like Oyo Rooms?


There much hotel chain across the world but OYO hotel chain made the most of it. Ritesh Agarwal who is the founder and owner of the OYO chain has developed this chain across India in more than 220 cities. How it has become possible to operate all over India? It is the mobile application technology that has made the OYO chain more organized, functional and easy to handle the customers all over the India. This has been unique and fresh idea from the founder and converted in the practical world.  After the success of OYO business model, many people are willing to make the prototype of this model in order to succeed like the founder has made it a great success.

First one has to understand the feature list of the OYO mobile application in order to develop it as follows:

  • Registration, Login & Password
  • GPRS for locating nearby location in the city
  • Room availability search functionality
  • Book the room from the application
  • Price list of various rooms
  • Check in & Check out functionality in the application
  • Bill payment through application
  • Check the various facilities in the OYO hotels
  • Booking change or modification feature
  • Set up of whole OYO network in the application
  • Provide external feature like nearby malls, cinema and others

Creating such kind of application with the above feature will cost you around $10,000 on one platform but the maintenance cost will vary how large and many user visit your application. It is one of the most expensive application has been developed in this country. People have invested huge in order to create this kind of massive application. There is one company who is capable in executing this kind of project till the end of the product which will be effective. Rapidsoft technologies is the company who has handle this kind of project in the past. It is expert in developing the application for various hotels across the Globe.

if you want to develop simlar kind of app and want to know the cost of App please
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