The Android app developers now lead the global software market

Android has proved its leadership in terms of the number of devices running on this OS. As of an IDC’s second quarter report, Android is running in 87.7 percent of smartphones globally. Google Play Store has more than 2.4 million apps, according to These numbers suggest that Android, without any doubt, leads the global market place of smartphone.


But does this apply on the app development market too? Yes, it does. As of the latest figures by Evans Data, the total number of app developers has reached over 12 million and the market is driven by none other than Android. We have 5.9 million Android application development professionals in comparison of 2.8 million iOS developers who first target these platforms.

As of Evens Data’s first report for the same cause, there were only two million software developers to target mobile devices in 2006. But things have now completely changed and the latest data recordings from the research firm suggest that there has been a five-fold increase in the number of developers only in a period a decade. And as figures put forward, we have more software engineers for Android application development than other technologies. Read Full Article


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