Create windows 10 apps without writing even a single code-line

The Windows Store is neither a rich nor a robust place for apps. Both Microsoft and mobile app developers knows this fact. A lot of things have been tried by Microsoft to attract mobile developers building apps for Windows powered phones.


Microsoft has also tried with its tool that allows developers to port iOS and Android apps to Windows as well as introduced the Universal App system that puts all Windows apps on the same platform. The company recently updated App Studio for Windows app developers creating, prototyping and submitting their apps directly from a web browser. It means Windows developers are able to create apps without the help of Visual Studio and writing a single line of code. And some developers have created apps using App Studio just in less than ten minutes.

Windows App Studio is no code platform for creating app with simple functionalities and features. But it will not help in creating visually stunning Windows App development projects, neither apps created out of this tool are able to delivery unique experience. For now there are few basic templates which generally look like simple webpage. Such apps appear boring and may not create much excitement among users. The delivery experience comprised of various à la carte sections are mostly RSS feed and from services like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram. Developers can create their own sections with use of HTML but it of course doesn’t fit the philosophy of no-code point of entry.

Source: Rapidsoft Article Base


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