Best Free Mobile App Design Tools

Following points will give you the details about that the tools and their role in the app design.



Marvel design tool can be used for both iOS and Android platforms. It is able to turn your simple sketches into interactive. With the help of tappable prototypes, you can share your demo app ideas with others.

Generally, before uploading your design, you need to convert app design. But, in Marvel, you no need to convert your designs before uploading because Marvel compatible with .psd files. Marvel also helps to reduce the testing time for the changes that happens, especially while updating in the background.


By using the Invision tool, all team members can able to know the particular project status with the help of prototyping tool because it has a full commenting system, including notification and status updates. Invision is another tool available for both iOS and Android platforms.

While the ongoing project is facing some issue, you can call your team to make some discussions and to rectify it. With the help of Invision tool, you are able to meet up other team members online and work together because Invision helps to collaborate with the team members. This tool contains full design tools inside the real-time collaboration, which gives true experience of real-time collaborative design.

iOS Sketch Paper

Before going for the Photoshop, some of the designers like to design in a pencil and paper, Such designers can use this free dot grid sketch paper for designing purpose which helps to get any iOS design into a paper. When you want to download, it is ready for print.

iOS Sketch Paper has gridlines for all the default UI elements and also for each device it has measurement markers. This tool is available for iPad air and iPhone 5s as well.

Android Sketch paper

For Android designers also, some android sketch papers are available.

In Android devices different phones having different screen size, but this tool is not like a dot grid, it doesn’t include lines at all. Due to the availability of number of phones per screen, with the help of sketch paper you can make an arrangement of your workflow quickly. It is better to use this sketch paper before performing the intensive workflow organization.


This tool you can use it for both iOS and Android Platforms. If you loved Marvel design app, and also need a working prototype on your Android device, you are suggested to choose PopApp as well.

PopApp can start with photographs of your app sketches drawn by hand by using, and help to link that on your device.


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