5 Key Reasons to Prefer PHP Application Development

PHP is vital for a range of vibrant web or custom application development projects. It is used by majority of web developers across the world. It has numerous benefits. The article covers the top 5 reasons for preferring PHP over other scripting languages.



Asking why you really need a PHP application development can be a tough question and expecting for a single and satisfactory answer is further tougher. In fact, when it comes to answer the question, we will find more than one purpose for which PHP is used. Each purpose mentioned here is subjective. They are contributed by PHP developers who have learned them through the possibilities observed by them in PHP application development.

So we have purposes/answers more than one; all are unique; all are justifiable and each depends on your requirement and the results you want to derive through PHP application development. Ask the same question from 100 PHP developers, you will get their own answer. The best and satisfactory answers automatically appear once you compare PHP with something else, e.g. PHP vs. ASP.NET, PHP vs. JavaScript and PHP vs. J2EE and there may a long list of comparisons.

So why should you go with PHP application Development?

Here are the top 5 reasons for preferring PHP over other scripts.

Now PHP is universal –

I am not hyping it but more than 81 percent of websites are using PHP. This wide level of adoption lets us gauge the popularity of PHP. It is hard to discover a web hosting company that will not offer PHP website hosting services. With this advantage, developers have free to move host the site wherever they want.

Plentiful Free Applications

This is also a major reason to go with PHP application development. You can discover tons of great open-sourced PHP applications on web which developers can download and use at free of cost. There are platforms which provide uncountable PHP scripts for PHP application development. Majority of these applications are freely available. Options are also unlimited.

A Large community supports PHP developments

Easy access to thousands of readymade scripts signifies that a large and active PHP community is out there to support the developments in this language. PHP is supported by one of the largest web development communities. In case a developer comes across any problem with PHP application development, there are experts who love to solve it out. Due to support of a large community, most PHP issues do not take long time to get resolved.

Best combination with MySQL

MySQL is doubtlessly one of best databases. As an open source database it is available free of cost. It is used in industrial-grade website development. The combination of PHP and MySQL is really excellent. Today almost all PHP applications are based MySQL database.

Easygoing yet powerful

PHP is reasonably easy than other scripting languages and most developers pick PHP because of this trait. PHP supports more or less any kind of web application development. Its easiness also lets developers quickly envisage solutions for complex issues.

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Source: http://www.imfaceplate.com/Davidsheldon/5-key-reasons-to-prefer-php-application-development


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