Why You Should Convert Your E-commerce Stores into M-commerce App

m-commercePeople have begun trusting on buying things online. They now trust on ecommerce websites or mobile apps and even are ready to pay online. Indeed e-commerce and its mobile version – m-commerce have offered us convenience to shop anything from the comfort of home.

In past, both customers and businesses were seeing e-commerce as a trend that they supposed to be faded out sooner or later. But it didn’t happen. With time, e-commerce continued to grow and now with more mobile users in comparison of web users – it has shifted to m-commerce.

So the new face of e-commerce is m-commerce and in 2016, e-commerce is making its way through mobile commerce.

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m-Commerce is fully compatible with today’s fast paced life. People live by time schedules and so m-commerce has been made for. Shopping on the, for example, wasn’t possible previously while you are traveling but now it’s possible. Mobiles have has turned such handy as you can handle them even when you are traveling.

So businesses, if you are still selling online with your same old website and blaming competitors for lower conversation rates then you are wrong. You have in fact been ignoring mobile phone commerce or what we say m-Commerce.

Mobile Commerce app Development


Here are the top reasons why people find it convenient to use mobile phone for shopping

  1. It’s easy to access a store through mobile phone. Because it’s always connected and unlike PCs which require to go through proper process of “switching on” before being online, mobiles are ready to serve customers just in a matter of second. Whenever they feel to buy something, they can use an app and make purchase.
  2. Customers have spoken it that buying over mobile is really convenient. They can explore products quickly. Also, they can make purchase when they are actually moving towards office or coming back to home. They can easily add the products to “Favorites” without doing much for logging-in the site. Because most of the sites / apps can now be logged-in with Google or Facebook credentials, users do not need to remember their log-in details every time they add products to favorite and make a purchase.
  3. People do like apps because these apps are able to deliver smoother transition in all the ways. They can move from one product to another just by touching the screen and make payment or purchase without much effort. They can also track all their orders and see the process of purchasing right from the placement of order to its delivery at given address.

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