Web apps for Travellers

Tours and travel

“A traveler life is just like a Bird”. For any traveler who is planning for travel either for short or long time this is very important for him/her that he/she know  the necessary information while they starting their journey. There are several sites which help you while you are travelling. Being a web app development company we planned to share information for travellers as well as for tours and travel companies.

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Free: yapta.com.

Tracks your air fare and provide update for every plus or minus in fare.

Free: tripadvisor.com.

Book European resturant,hotels,flights,and more.

Free: google.com/maps

One of the best way to navigate towards your destination.


Sharing your exact location in real time with your friends and family members.

Free: translate.google.com.

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For language translator type the words and this will let you know in your requested language.

There are a uncountable list which is developed by tours and travels companies and hotels for travellers. This helps to both customer and companies.A customer can get the best option to choose online and for a site holder he gets customers through sites.


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